Thursday, 4 April 2013

Love Birds Easel Card - Instructions

This is the first, and easiest of the cards we made in the recent Craft Madness Weekend, using my Love Birds, from the CD.  We had such a good time, and I thank Debbi and Pam, and of course of the lovely ladies (and gentlemen), who joined us and made it such a success.

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Love Birds – Easel Card


Songbird CD: Love bird sheet in brown - HERE
Paisley background paper in brown
Heart background paper in light brown
A4 Cream card
½ A4 cream card
Red/gold glitter
Turquoise glitter
Quickie glue pen
Antique gold crinkle edge ribbon - HERE
Distress ink - brown tone - HERE

Step by Step Instructions

   Turn your A4 sheet landscape and fold in half.  Then take the front of the card and fold in half – to form your easel card.  Now cut out the large bird topper from your topper sheet
     Set the topper against the top of the piece of A5 card and follow the shape of the topper with your glue pen – leaving a border of a couple of millimetres. Cover with glitter then cut around the shape (don’t’ worry if you cut into the glitter, you want the glitter at the edge of your card)
    Cut a piece of the paisley background paper so it covers the bottom part of the A5 card, leaving a small border.  Ink the edges of the paper with a brown tone distress ink, and stick to the bottom of the A5 card (your topper will sit at the top, the paper at the bottom)

    Cut the border from your topper sheet. Work out where your bird topper is going to start and end. You want to cut enough of your border to cover the edge of card at the left and the right of the topper.  You will only need 2 small pieces at each end.  Stick these down (see picture for guidance)
     Run a piece of the ribbon around the card so it sits just under the border.  Attach the ribbon at the back using double sided tape to secure it. You will be attaching this to your main card so will not see the ribbon.
     Stick your A5 card onto the bottom part of your easel card.  Remember to be careful with your adhesive.  You may find it easier to add the adhesive to the actual card front rather than the topper, to make sure you only place it where you need it (I speak from experience on this one!!)
    Cut a piece of the heart background paper so it will fit on the top part of your card, so it will sit behind the topper.  Ink the paper with your distress ink, then stick it to the top of the card
     Cut another piece of heart paper so it will fit the inside (or base) of your easel card.  Again leave an edge of cream card, and ink the edges of your paper with your distress ink.  Stick the paper to your card
      Cut the quotation from your topper sheet and ink the edges.  Work out where you want to place it (I stuck it to the right of my card).  Cut the remaining part of the border so it will fit along the whole of the card (the part you are short will be hidden under your quotation).  Stick the border in place, then the quotation.  I added 3D foam to the top of the quotation, and double sided at the bottom, so you have a nice lift for the easel card to sit in

     Make a nice bow from your crinkle ribbon and glue it to the left of your bird topper.   

    To finish the card, add a splash of colour with the beautiful turquoise glitter.  Using your glue pen, colour in certain elements, and glitter.  I added a little to the centre of the flowers on my border, and to my lovely birds.


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Unknown said...

aww what a beautiful card :) thanks for sharing with us allx big crafty hugs from bren manning,from the threecrafters