Thursday 25 April 2013

Melt Pot

Well, as we speak my wonderful boyfriend is loading my demo's with the melt pot on to YouTube for me - I'll give you the link asap.  However, I will post photo's of the things I have made, together with the links for any products used from my web site in the meantime (keep checking my posts, more are to follow):

These hearts will show the embossing powder (UTEE), to it's full potential.  When we use stamps and moulds we dull the powder, and loose the fantastic marbled effect which we see in the pan.  For these hearts all you need to do is pour from your pan, quite random, and then use a cookie cutter to cut your shape.  Make sure all the elements are attached, otherwise part of your heart will drop off.

I have used Melt Pot HERE
Heat Resistant craft sheet  HERE


jean said...

just seen youre video on facebook it was brill, im from up north too Yorkshire and although ive lived in Scotland for wel over 30yrs ive never lost my accent dont want to either .takecare .

Carole Z said...

Super! Will look up your vid..I've had my melt pot since November and I love it! Carole Z X

whyducks said...

Oh they look lovely!