Monday 15 April 2013

Back to my new stamps.....

This little chap is my thinking bird, chilling on a branch with his back to us.  I wanted to use the gleams (or the gilding wax - same product).  However, if you put the wax over the embossing powder you loose the definition of the image, but if you stamp and emboss over the gleams you get the magnificent sheen and retain the definition.  This card will get you doing both techniques so you can see the difference.  I will start with photo's and then there will be full instructions and materials.  Anything available on my web site will have HERE next to it, which you can click on and go directly to the web page.  Enjoy a little joy.

A little Joy

Bird stamp HERE
Joy stamp HERE
Black embossing powder
Gleams – Peacock HERE
Black card
Silky ribbon HERE
White card
Songbird CD: Pink music background paper HERE
Pink paisley background paper
Silicone glue/glue gel
Heat Gun

Step by Step Instructions

On a piece of white card (only needs to be the size of your bird stamp), rub the 3 gleam colours.  Buff off to shine, and then ink your bird stamp with the Versamark pad and stamp onto the gilding wax.  Cover with black embossing powder and emboss

Cut out the body of your bird and a little of his tail (I didn’t cut the swirls)

Stamp and emboss your bird again on a corner of the music paper (if you are using a brand new stamp you may want to take the coating off the stamp with a little cellotape or double sided tape – alternatively stamp on scrap paper first)

Cut your image out so you have a nice even border all the way round – mine measures approx. 10.5cm x 6.5cm. Lightly go round the edges of the paper with the pink gleams. Mat and layer a piece of black card onto your stamped image

Using a glue pen, apply glue around the swirls of your bird’s tail, and up the left side of the body. Cover with iridescent glitter

Using silicone or glue gel,  glue your Gleamed bird over the top of your stamped image. Put to one side to dry

Cut a piece of black card approx. 13cm x 9cm. Using the heart stamp, stamp randomly over the piece of black card using your versamark pad.  Cover with black embossing powder and emboss.

Allow to cool for a moment, and then apply the gilding wax over the image.  I mixed all three colours, just rubbing the wax in gently. When happy buff the card to make the wax shine

Mat and layer this onto a slightly bigger piece of black card

Cut two pieces of the paisley paper by 4.75”x4.75”. Edge both pieces of paper lightly with the pink Gleams

Stick one piece of paper to the base of your easel card, and the other to the piece of 5”x5” black card

Angle the black gleamed card as per the picture, and stick down.  Allow the image to “fall off” the card, and then from the back, trim off any over lapping pieces

Tie a piece of white silky ribbon around the card and fix at the back with double sided tape.  Now attach the topper to the bottom half of the easel card using double sided tape (make sure you only apply tape to the bottom of the topper, as you don’t want it sticking to the top of the card

Make a “bow” by folding a piece of the white ribbon – so it looks like your wrapping the ribbon around your fingers.  You only need one fold, so the ends are neat. Tie another piece of ribbon around the middle and tie at the back, in a knot. Using silicon or glue gel, attach this onto your topper

Cut a border from the top of your music paper, and mat and layer this onto a black border. Edge this using the pink gleams, and attach to the base of your easel card, with 3D foam

Stamp the word Joy onto a piece of the paisley paper. Emboss using the black powder, then cut out so you have an even border. Mat and layer this onto black card

Attach the Joy onto your card, near the top of the bird (use flat glue to attach it to the topper, and silicone to lift the side that comes away from the topper)

To finish your card, add 3 gems on the border, and 3 gems to the top right of the card


ria gall said...

Hi Leonie
What a lovely card I do like that little bird he is very cute and the technique you have used is fab

Linda Simpson said...

Lovely card and beautiful colours and loving your "thinking bird"

Linda xxx

Leonie pujol said...

Thank you ladies, I'm glad you like it - I love the gilding wax, the sheen on them is fantastic - and I'm glad you like my little bird Ria - hopefully the first of many of my designs!! Fingers crossed :)