Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wallet card

Hi again, yet another card we made at our Crafty madness weekend.  This time using the stamps I have designed.  These are my favourite birds, and I think they are good for so many occassions.  I have also used the Wax paper.  I love this stuff, it's ace for texture - I have yet to really play with it (time), but can't wait.  Of course, the gilding waxes are just fab.  Now - I have them at home, but do need to add them to my web site.  I promise this will be done in the next couple of days, so keep checking please.  I do have gleams, which are effectively the same product and just have a different colour selection.

Again, if the product is available you will have HERE next to the product, which you can click and it will take you to the right page on my web site.

Enjoy....lets start with photo's first shall we:

Wallet Card


Singing bird stamp HERE
Forever stamp
Acrylic stamping block
Distress ink – brown tone (I used Frayed burlap) HERE
Songbird CD - Green heart paper HERE
Green dotty paper
“Music” quote
Ribbon HERE
Waxed paper HERE
Cosmic Shimmer PVA teal HERE
Brown card
Cream card
Wallet card
Gilding wax in Cast Bronze and Enchanted Gold
Water brush

Step by Step

Cover your wallet card in paper.  On the front and inside use the heart paper, on the front of the wallet flap use the dotty paper.  Edge the paper and the card with your distress ink

Stamp the bird image using your distress ink, onto your plain cream card.  Drag the ink a little using your water brush.   With a little of the gilding wax, work the colour around your stamped image, I left out the middle of the image so you almost create a halo.  Buff off with a little tissue.  Now distress the edges.  Cut a piece of brown card just bigger than this topper – don’t stick together yet

Ink the forever stamp and stamp randomly down the left hand side of the top half of the wallet card. Then stamp onto a plain piece of cream card and cut out (I added a jaunty angle).  Mat and layer onto a piece of brown card using 3D foam

Tie a piece of ribbon at the top of the card, approx. 1.5” from the top.  Tie in a knot – the knot being at the front of the card to the right hand side

Attach the piece of brown card at an angle on the front of the card.  Allow it to sit under the ribbon.  Using 3D foam, add your stamped image on the top. This creates a different look with the ribbon splitting the layers

Using silicone add the forever stamp onto the bottom right corner of your bird image, slightly over lapping

Fold the flap of the wallet card up and stick securely – I used clear drying PVA.

Tear a piece of the wax paper from the sheet and give it a good scrunch.  Unfold then stick to the flap of the wallet (I used double sided tape with a little PVA to make sure you get a good stick).  Add a little of the Cast Bronze gilding wax over the wax paper, not too much, it really brings out the scrunch in your wax paper

Cut out the Music quotation, ink the edges, and sit inside the wallet

Now cut out 3 circles from your waxed paper.  They don’t have to be perfect, and don’t make them too big, the smallest is approx. the size of a £2 coin – make the other two slightly bigger in size.  All approximately – play with different sizes for different flowers.  Give them a good scrunch then open them back out.

Layer them together and put a hole through the centre of them all.  Pop a brad through them, and scrunch them upwards.  Open them out, allowing a flower shape to form.  Play with the flower until you are happy with the shape. Wax paper is brilliant for this, it really holds it’s shape and gives brilliant texture.  Add a touch of Cast Bronze gilding wax to the top of the flower.  When happy, use your glue gel to stick onto your card, just covering the knot in your ribbon

To finish add a few little dots of the Cosmic shimmer PVA teal to your card, I popped a line on the left and some on the right.  Allow to dry and it will dry with dimension.


Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous Leonie, love the texture and colours on this. Your birds are absolutely stunning.

Linda xxx

Leonie pujol said...

Thank you so much Linda, I'm actually really chuft with them!! Phew xx

Carole Z said...

I love this Leonie..lots of lovely textures and the birds are beautiful...love it! Carole Z X

Lynda's craft's said...

Gorgeous Leonie love the birds Lynda xx