Tuesday 14 November 2017

Workshop weekend

Busy little weekend down in Polegate with Mandy and myself and a lovely bunch of crafty ladies.  Can I say a massive thank you to everyone who traveled to share the weekend with us.  We got ourselves in a painty mess, which is always a pretty good way to spend a day.

I wanted to share loads of pics, but as usual forgot to get my camera out for most of the day!  I did remember to take snaps of the finished art pieces though - which I'm so pleased about.  I loved how different they all look, but also how professional. 

I've another workshop this coming weekend, so I've had a day off today, but it's back to the crafty grind stone tomorrow....


Friday 10 November 2017

Block printing....finished samples and HOLIDAY!!

Good evening readers....I'm sat eating soup and making rice pudding.  Home made rice pub...happy days.  It reminds me on my great Auntie, who always made it really sweet and kept the skin on.  Wonder what she would have thought of me and my almond milk and agave syrup!  No idea how it will taste....if I'm not in work tomorrow you know it ended badly.

So, who saw my LLL show on Wednesday.  Block printing.  Seriously, this is cool. I met Jamie, the owner of Colouricious, when she came in to do a show on Hochanda.  I loved Jamie's work, and also her incredible story in relation to block printing and the village these works of art originate from.  The blocks are just beautiful.  They are a work of art in their own right.  All hand carved in India.  Each one is seeped in oil to help with easy cleaning, and also to prevent the wood from loosing the incredible detail.  These are a life time purchase, and obviously there's tons of things you can do with them.  I only had a little dabble - but I will definitely be doing more.  In fact, I'll be learning the skill of block printing, seeing the blocks being made, and much more, when I trot of to India, to the actual village the blocks are produced, next October.  And you can join me!!  It is a fantastic opportunity.  A real experience, both artistically and culturally.  We will be looked after, the hotel looks lovely, we have two meals a day provided.  We are taken on excursions, and we will also have some fantastic workshops.  If you would like to come along with me, then please follow this link:


As you can imagine I am ridiculously excited.  And don't panic, I'm not organising the actual holiday.  The lovely Jamie has done that - so we won't end up in Ramsbottom playing with lego blocks!

Okay, what did I do this week...this lot....

The blocks work on your gel press.  They give a nice sharp print, and you can also easily over print as well.  All of these were done only with the block printing

Cleaning your blocks is easy.  Just a bit of hot soapy water and a scrub, and your done. HOwever, before you do that, spritz them with water and just wipe off the excess paint, this way it doesn't dry on the block and ruin the detailed design before you have chance to scrub them.  I'm not a fan of the hundreds of baby wipes we use that end up in landfill, so how chuft was I when I realised if you clean your blocks with rice paper, you then have a fab background that you can stamp on, etc!  Suddenly cleaning became fun.

Rice paper is brilliant for using on awkward shaped objects, like this round box, as it goes round corners with ease.  I love this.  The various colors, and depth.  And thats just from cleaning ink off my board, and paint from my blocks, and then a little black block printing on the top. 

Of course block printing is known for it's use to create the most incredible fabric prints.  And it's easy.  I tried simple patterns on linen, organza and satin.  The paint Jamie uses is great quality.  It dries soft, so the fabric doesn't feel like it's actually been painted. 

This is another rice paper covered box.  Easy, but cool.  This time I added my paint to a water spritzer with water, and spritzed the rice paper.  It gives it a cool background.

On air, we had to pretend this was a cat, as we didn't have the cat stencils to work with, but how cool does it look using your blocks to stencil through the stencil.  I love the quality of the print as well, it's so crisp

Finally, using my Gelpress to create a cool background with the blocks, I then put my MDF shapes onto the Gelpress.  The print is lovely.  I then used my regular stamps to stamp over the top, which looks rather cool.

This is where the adventure begins, I am thrilled to have the chance to go to India, it's been something I have always wanted to do - but this is beyond what I thought possible.  And how fast does a year go by!  It'll fly by.......

Saturday 21 October 2017

Woodingdean workshops

Home....pretty early!! Not even that mucky. Whoop whoop.

Can I say thank you to the lovely ladies who joined us today to start our workshop adventure. I wanted to have small groups, mainly because they’re so nice to run, but also to avoid scaring Mandy off so she never wants to return!! Mandy found us a brilliant venue. There was live music on in the other rooms as well, which was rather lovely!

Of course we ran out of time, but everyone had a smashing day.

Although we aren’t taking anymore bookings for workshop spaces tomorrow, we will have a pop up shop!! It will be open from 10am for a couple of hours, then again from 3pm. 

Right....off to the theatre!! Seeya tomorrow Crafty gang xx

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Crafting with a bit of joy....see what I did there 

How do crafters. Happy Wednesday - or if you're in my head...happy Monday!

Today's let loose show was all about Joy Crafts. I had a good variety of dies, and some lovely papers. I said on tv how nice it is to mix it up - I'm generally up to my elbows in paint, so to do a bit of "clean crafting" now and again is good fun!

I started with my little owl. He started quite jolly, but ended up looking hungover, grumpy and not into Christmas....which I thought was really funny. I wish he had also been falling off his tree now, I think it would have added to his general demeanour!

Love this die, it's so pretty and handy....this will be another must have

This die is stunning. Very detailed and elegant. I did a plain card!

Pop up dies are clever aren't they! They make a really interesting card. I layered the house up which covered the fold, and adds colour.

The snow globe die is a cracker. It took me some thinking and planning to work out how to make a shaped card out of the die, but I was really pleased with the result. It's a versatile die as there's loads of other dies and stamps that will work with it.

Another little owl....not hungover this time, and really cute, I've teamed this one up with a stamped background, and the cool Bare Tree die, which I cut several times and layered to extend the image.

The Bare Tree again, this time used as it has been designed. It makes a fab pop up design. Very easy, and effective.

This photo really captures the way the mica powders shine - don't they look amazing!

Thank you for tuning in and also stopping by to check out my blog. Hopefully I'll get chance to share some photos of tomorrow's Dream Day! It's competition winners time. Eek, can't wait