Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Crafting with a bit of joy....see what I did there 

How do crafters. Happy Wednesday - or if you're in my head...happy Monday!

Today's let loose show was all about Joy Crafts. I had a good variety of dies, and some lovely papers. I said on tv how nice it is to mix it up - I'm generally up to my elbows in paint, so to do a bit of "clean crafting" now and again is good fun!

I started with my little owl. He started quite jolly, but ended up looking hungover, grumpy and not into Christmas....which I thought was really funny. I wish he had also been falling off his tree now, I think it would have added to his general demeanour!

Love this die, it's so pretty and handy....this will be another must have

This die is stunning. Very detailed and elegant. I did a plain card!

Pop up dies are clever aren't they! They make a really interesting card. I layered the house up which covered the fold, and adds colour.

The snow globe die is a cracker. It took me some thinking and planning to work out how to make a shaped card out of the die, but I was really pleased with the result. It's a versatile die as there's loads of other dies and stamps that will work with it.

Another little owl....not hungover this time, and really cute, I've teamed this one up with a stamped background, and the cool Bare Tree die, which I cut several times and layered to extend the image.

The Bare Tree again, this time used as it has been designed. It makes a fab pop up design. Very easy, and effective.

This photo really captures the way the mica powders shine - don't they look amazing!

Thank you for tuning in and also stopping by to check out my blog. Hopefully I'll get chance to share some photos of tomorrow's Dream Day! It's competition winners time. Eek, can't wait


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Fabulous shows Leonie just caught up with my records after a busy day. Thanks for reminding me about some of the dies I already have from Joy Crafts. They always cut like a dream. Not seen the snow globe one before, may have to make a cheeky purchase!!
Have a great week & take Care!
Tracey x

Chelle Bullock said...

Thanks for the inspiration and I am going to have to buy that birch leaf die...

Littlelamb said...

Enjoyed both shows and the cards are brilliant. Thank you.

Linda49 said...

Lovely cards - think I may have to buy the snow globe. Thank you Leonie

janet said...

Love the cards and the inspiration. Sadly watching later, I couldn't get any of the dies -they don't seem to be available on Hochanda now. Any idea where they can be purchased please -especially the owls, leaf and bare tree!!

Tracy Welham said...

Great shows Leonie. Joy Crafts are in my top 5 favourite die brands, my first set came from Creata with Carley Duff. I have built up quite a little collection which continues to grow. Your little owl does look slightly grumpy but still cute lol. Looking forward to your next lot of LLL shows as I love how you enjoy lots of different styles of crafting.

Creative Blessings, Tracy x