Monday 2 October 2017

Last weeks Stamperia show...

Evening crafty folk.  This post was written ages ago...however, my stupid phone blogging app thingy deleted it for me.  Handy that.  So, I'm writing it now, a little late, but here all the same!

So, last week we had the marvellous Stamperia papers.  As you know, I love this brand.  Their designs are stunning.  Paper makes me happy!  Who knew I was that easily pleased.

The box I made for the show was decorated with papers.  I ripped them and crumpled them to add texture, and then stamped using the Stamperia stamps.  The white embossing powder looks lovely and really makes the images pop on the paper.

Layering the papers looks effective, but to emphasis the layers I added paint under the ripped edges of the paper.  Fade the paint out, so it looks like a shadow.  It's really easy - I used a dark brown rather than black, as this isn't as harsh. 

I also added crackle paste.  This adds more texture, and interest to the box.  I coloured the white crackle with pink paint, which I mixed with the dark brown paint until I was happy with the tone.  This was a brilliant suggestion....thank you Francoise :)

To finish the box I mixed a little of the brown Distress Oxide ink with a clear glaze.  This made a lovely glaze wash - which produced a lovely antique finish.  I added this over the crackle glaze, which also helped emphasis the crackle effect.

I had some really pretty Christmas papers on the show as well.  I started decorating this little book, and was going to continue to decorate the box for it....but ran out of time unfortunately.  I hope you like the Stamperia products, and if you do fancy having a play with them, then I would love it if you could join me on my workshops - we have some running in October and November.  The products are stunning.

I'll repost my workshop details so everyone knows what, where and when.

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