Wednesday 27 April 2011

Skydive coming soon.........

As promised I have the details of all those who have created a page for donations, so please have a look at everyone elses page,and maybe add a wee donation to help us raise lots and lots of money. The brave (who have as yet set up their page) are:














Saturday 16 April 2011

Icing on the cake

Sue has asked what glue to use on her arty farty cake to stick glitter. Sue I would either use the quickie glue pen, which would allow you to do really fine details, or a clear drying White glue like the my craft studio one. Just make sure you spread the glue out other wise it may run slightly, and you only need a fine layer of glue as you don't want it to make your card buckle. If you are doing a large surface area do a little at a time so the glue doesn't dry. I'd definitely do a test piece on scrap card first (the same card you have used) to get the glue right before working on your finished piece. Good luck xx

- Leonie

Crafty queries

Thank you to everyone who sent messages after the craft class yesterday. There has been a couple of questions via
Facebook, so I thought I'd pop the answers on here so we could
all share.

First of all Lynn asked what to colour clear shrink plastic with. Well shrink needs something that will dry, I like using brilliance ink pads, pencil crayons, gel pens, any permanent pen. Go for light colours, as the colour intensifies when the plastic is shrunk.

Next Carole (thank you for your lovely comments). Carole asked about stamps. Unmounted stamps don't have to be put on ez mount. If you do mount them use acrylic blocks, with any foam mount it lifts the stamp higher than the "rocks" on your rock a blocks, so they won't work as well.

If you don't mount your stamp you can use rock a blocks, just have a practice getting the rock right, and the pressure. You can still use acrylic blocks, and you may find putting a piece of foam (mouse mat etc) under the card you are stamping on helps you get a clear image.

I hope that helps, I'll keep answering queries on here.

Next is the paper clinic. Remember you can send you questions in there so we can demo live, the email addy is:

Seeya tomoz xxx

- Leonie

Monday 11 April 2011

New show..........

for Thursday, and I'm rather excited as I've got 2 full hours to do stamping techniques!! 2 hours. Now within theory I won't have to rush and will hopefully get everything done on my list - lets see shall we!!

I would like to say I missed doing the Paper Clinic this week, but after my party on Saturday night, it would have been a tricky show! Still recovering. Back again next week. Hope everyone made the most out of the free P&P, and can you believe we are now live till 8! And freeview hours have extended, good news all round I recon.

The target for our skydive is really building up, so thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far. If you haven't there's plenty of time yet........

Right, need an early night, got looooads to do tomorrow. Night all.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Paper Clinic - this week and last!!

I had quite a few emails regarding the paper clinic last week, as I'd mentioned my printer being able to take cardstock, and everyone wanted to know what printer I have. It's an Epson Stylus DX6050. It's an old one now, but it will take the watercolour cardstock. I do have to "help" it to go in, but it does the job. And it will take vellum as well.

Now, onto tomorrows paper clinic. We will be trying to answer questions from:

Pauline from Cornwall - Shrink plastic on the Cricut
Yvonne Herron from Workington - paper embellishments
Daphne from Leicester and Stephanie from Bedfordshire - Waterfall cards,
Christine in Ossy - Twisted easel cards
Christine Coppenrath from Holland - CD Roms
Tracy and Avril Done - Ribbon
Val from Nottingham - What card to use for what
Anna from Dumfrieshire - stamping
Sue - Stamping
Sharon - Stamping and inks

We are dedicating the second hour to stamping and different techniques for inks, so I'll be in inky heaven again. Hooray. Right, best get some sleep or I'll be fit for nowt.