Saturday 16 April 2011

Crafty queries

Thank you to everyone who sent messages after the craft class yesterday. There has been a couple of questions via
Facebook, so I thought I'd pop the answers on here so we could
all share.

First of all Lynn asked what to colour clear shrink plastic with. Well shrink needs something that will dry, I like using brilliance ink pads, pencil crayons, gel pens, any permanent pen. Go for light colours, as the colour intensifies when the plastic is shrunk.

Next Carole (thank you for your lovely comments). Carole asked about stamps. Unmounted stamps don't have to be put on ez mount. If you do mount them use acrylic blocks, with any foam mount it lifts the stamp higher than the "rocks" on your rock a blocks, so they won't work as well.

If you don't mount your stamp you can use rock a blocks, just have a practice getting the rock right, and the pressure. You can still use acrylic blocks, and you may find putting a piece of foam (mouse mat etc) under the card you are stamping on helps you get a clear image.

I hope that helps, I'll keep answering queries on here.

Next is the paper clinic. Remember you can send you questions in there so we can demo live, the email addy is:

Seeya tomoz xxx

- Leonie


Chameleons said...

Hi Leonie,
This isn't really a crafting question, more a C&C comment (hope you don't mind), I tend to miss some programs, mainly because they are often called the same thing i.e. make your mark crafting, and I think ah I've seen that one,it must be a repeat (only to find out that that's not always the case), it would be really helpful if they came up with different titles for different recordings even if it were just the date when it was recorded, I can't be the only one that gets confused. Anyhow I loved your craft classes I hope there will be many more.

jordiegirl said...

What a brilliant idea it is to do the Craft Classes Leonie. Although I am not particularly good or into stamping I still found it very interesting and will probably have another go at it since watching your show. It's good to have a whole show with you doing demonstrations and tips, hope they continue.

The Paper Clinic is also a good idea giving crafters a chance to ask the questions they need answered.

Unknown said...

Chameleons - as much as I'm not a fan of C&C basically if the show is on between 8AM & 8PM (or 6PM for freeview) it will be live so a new one. between 8PM & 8AM (I.E Overnight) they will be repeats

Leonie, on the craft class you were using a rockablock and said that the overstamping would transfer to your card, with the rockablocks this does not happen unless you have ink on the rockers the ink "inside" or on the edges of the stamp will not transfer. Unless you press really, really hard that is.
If I can't use a rockablock I don't stamp it. I have taken the wood off my mounted stamps abd it's going to get re-purposed for sheena's paint fusion!! (or small scroll saw projects)

Billie said...

Hi Leonie

I've been stamping for years but its still great to get back to basics and review techniques.

Loved your Craft Class, great idea about using masking fluid for over stamping images. I have to admit I've not got into masking coz it looked too much faff. The masking fluid looks a much easier way to do it.

Loved the inky play, it was thanks to you I tried Rangers Colour Wash inks back in your QVC days and I adore them. Big fan of all Ranger inks, so versatile.

Thanks for the advice and inspiration

Best wishes


Maxine said...

Many thanks to you Leonie!
I did manage to record and watch the craft class and it was really helpful - thank you! So many different techniques and ideas. Never knew about the masking fluid, how brilliant!
I'm still a novice but feel more inspired and confident (I think!).

All the best,