Friday 29 August 2008

Fab Friday Challenge

Well, if you have read my earlier post you will know that I was inspired by the kit and colours I have been working on today. For this weeks challenge the title I have picked is:
Punch Power
You can use a punch, pre-punched images, or the silhouette left from punching. The punch can be your focal point, or create your frame.

I have used my petal punch and built up a full flower (please see previous post if you haven't already). I attached the flower onto my ATC card using double sided tape, and trimmed off the overlapping petals. I used my QuicKutz to cut the centre circles out and added a small rub-on in the centre. To decorate the flower I have used Liquid Pearls (really easy to use and dry slightly raised with a lovely pearl sheen).

I hope you like it and again apologise for my lack of blogging over the last week.
Look forward to seeing your work

Punchin good fun

The cards I've been working on today seemed to take me ages - never presume just because I do this all the time I can produce cards in a flash, sometimes finding the right card, trying the new kit, and then falling out with the card you have just made can be very time consuming. With this kit you have to punch out 6 images, which fold and are attached together to create flowers. Obviously you can have flowers with less petals, which are quicker to make!! They look good on two toned card, or double sided paper. I liked them using bazzil card and sanding the edges.

For this card I used a lolly-pop stick (got quite a stock pile now from all the rub-on kits) which I colour tinted using an ink pad. I attached my flower to the stick, then sliced a hole in the centre of the flower pot shaped card to pop the stick through. I then attached the stick to the from panel of the card, using stong clear drying glue. The card will stand up!!

I loved the colours of this one, so much I used the same card for my fab friday challange

Using a double sided bazzil card gives a lovely when you sand the edges of your petals. Sand them before you put the flower together.

More Christmas Cards.....

And there's more!! Obviously, we're only in September so pretty early for Crimbo yet (I have been thinking about starting to make my cards though!!).

This kit was one from All About Crafts, and it contained lots of vintage Christmas images which I really enjoy working with. They are very easy to just matt and layer, and look good, so it's a bit of a challenge to try and do something different with them. As the images are repeated it allows you to decoupage them, which I did on a few of the cards.

Christmas Kits

Thought I would share you some of the cards I made for last weeks QVC shows. The first is a lovely stamp set by Design Objectives - really cute images and good to work with.

Simple inking of the different parts of the Christmas tree using cats eye Brilliance Ink pads allows for a pearlescent sheen to be achieved. I've used a gold glitter gel pen to add a little extra sparkle, and written around the edge of the stamped frame.

I've taken my inspiration for this card from Linsay Mason, who designs her own stamps and creates some brilliant pop-up cards. I've decorated the outside of the card using the candle stamps, then the inside using the cute little snowman. The images can be coloured in using Le Plumes or Whispers pens.

Really cute little penguin pulling his sleigh. I've used a pre-printed card by Crafty Bitz, to frame my stamped message, then stamped and coloured in my penguin. I cut out the image and attached the sleigh flat to the card using micro dots. I detached the penguin and attached him to the card using 3D foam. I finished the card with a little doodling around the blue frame using a silver gel pen.

Using an aperture card, I stamped, coloured in and cut out my robin and popped him so he is sitting in the aperture. As this card is already patterned I only needed to add a message to finish it off.


I'm going to start by a big sorry, feel like I've deserted my little blog without so much as a word of explanation. I'm afraid we were hit by another computer "thing" and it all crashed. This time I have been a little prepared, and had any important things saved on disc, but we had to take it to a computer doctor, who has treated my little computer to some new rams - or sheep!! Who knows, it didn't cost the earth and my computer works, so whatever the nice man did it's terrific!!

We have also had a TSV, and then lots of days out with visiting family. My mum and Neil came down, then Nicky's mum and Michael - so we have had a great time taking everyone around our new neighbourhood. It's a brilliant way of discovering new places and things. Need to get my dad and sister down next........more days out - hooray.

Well that's excuses over. Now the important stuff......our hedgehog has stopped visiting!! We're quite distraught (even bought a hedgehog house, I know it's daft but it's well cute).

We bought him cat food - and stopped giving him milk, but he's gone. I just hope he's found a nicer place to live.

We went for a walk round Reculver (near Hearne Bay), and saw this pair of feet amongst the grasses. The owner resting in the sun, hidden from the breeze. We thought it looked quite funny, but the week after the feet were there again - exactly the same spot. We had to have a nosey to make sure the owner was actually just relaxing!!

Teela and Dylan, relaxing in their new home - think they have settled in.

Tuesday 19 August 2008


QVC went mightly quickly again today. I got in at 10am and still managed to panic as it reached 1pm thinking I wasn't organised! I was, but maybe a little panic here and there'a a good thing.

Now what has QVC got to do with Hedgehogs you ask. Nothing.......but

we did get a really cute little hedgehog in the garden tonight. We put out milk and some dog food for him and stood around watching him till he plodded off and squeezed his self under the gate. Awwww.

I'm happy to report Dawn is on the mend, but still has to rest her voice. We are all hoping she will be fit and well for the TSV on Sunday night, Monday day. Fingers crossed.

Friday 15 August 2008

Fab Friday Time

This week is another one where I've had a little play, this time with a set of stamps coming up on QVC (been on before but back in stock). The title of the challenge is:

Flower Chains

I've used the stamps to create my flower chain, you can go for stamps, decoupage, stickers, die cuts - whatever you have that's flowery. The chain can be the main focal image, or just an additional embellishment on your card. As ever, I really look forward to seeing your wonderful designs. I've done an almost step by step instruction with photo's which I hope some of you will find inspirational.

I used yellow paper which I gave a part wash of white acrylic paint to the left hand side:

Ink up your stamp, covering the stalk and leaf so you are only applying ink to the flower head. I used yellow Distress ink for the first application. When the image has been stamped use a water brush (or a paint brush with water), to drag the ink into the flower:

Layer colours by re inking your stamp and over stamping the images. Do not worry if the images are slightly out, as this gives a shaded effect. I used Adirondack Terracotta then Espresso, layering each and dragging in the colour until I was happy with the effect:

Finally I have cut a card image of a lady, which I colour tinted round the edge. Cut a few flowers so the image will slot behind them. Add a little shading with a colour pencil. To create a frame using the Espresso ink pad add ink around the edge of the card:

Trying to find the horses..........

My friend Karen and her little boy Ethan came to visit me on Thursday. We set off on our walk with our dogs, the sun shining down on us, a perfect summers day. We were looking for horses, and the swing park, as well as stopping for a while whilst the dogs had a dip in the river. I took a photo of Ethan who was intent on collecting grass for the horses, I loved the determination on his face.

Unfortunately the horses were at the other end of the field, we got caught in a very heavy shower and got drenched, plus we managed to loose all three dog leads!!

Next time we are just going to hit the cake shop, much more reliable than trying to get a little exercise and fresh air!

Friday 8 August 2008

Fab Friday Challenge - the return

It's back, I've cheated and used cards I was making at the weekend, but I like them so thought it would be nice to share them with you all whilst incorporating the challenge.


The challenge is to highlight an element on your ATC. I have created my cards using spritzer inks and stencils. Spray the inks directly through the stencil, then pick up the ink from the stencil with another card, thereby creating two gorgeous backgrounds with one application. I have then stamped directly on the card with my
mysterious lady stamp. The part highlighted is her face, which I created by stamping onto a piece of white (or cream) card, and cutting out the face. I added a little ink so the card wasn't to stark, and attached this over the face on my ATC. This allows the face to stand out from the rest of the stamped image and card, therefore highlighting it. You can try this with your stamps, try highlighting an element of your card by framing it, or adding a clear epoxy sticker to an area. It's up to you how you wish to highlight your chosen element, I look forward to seeing your creations - it's been ages!

The stamp I have used is by Creative Expressions and the reference is oasis1117F

The spritzers are from Crafty Notions (available direct or from Topaz), I used the ones that have a fabulous pearlescent sheen, combined with a bright and vibrant colour. Lovely.

The templates are doodle templates, again from Topaz or Crafty Notions. They are great as they have so many different elements you can use to create a variety of looks. I love working with things that are over sized for your ATC, this makes you look at the project differently. Try working with the stencils you have for making great backgrounds. A shameless plug, but I have done this technique in my book - obviously worth looking at (haha!!).


There's still boxes - everywhere. OH (other half, or DB darling boyfriend, sometimes PITB pain in the bum) is starting to get a little grumpled with the lack of room space. Thing is he can't sort out the boxes as I've got a place for everything, it's just finding that place as other boxes are in the way. Apart from not being able to move properly, we have settled in quickly and liking our new home. Canterbury is lovely, we have found fab walks for the dogs with plenty more to discover. As I write Dylan is throwing round an apple and pouncing on it - we live near an orchard so they pick up the fallen apples. They are in their element, and I'm happy - must be good for their teeth.

Canterbury has it's own Festival in October. There's so much going on, we can even go on a Fungi Foray walk and learn Fire and Bushcrafting!! How cool. There's live music, theatre, art.......all very inspirational.

We're renting now which is a bonus when you lock yourself out, as the letting agent has a spare key!! Hooray (yep, we've been here just a few weeks and I've already locked myself out - duh!!).


Thursday 7 August 2008

Flickr update

I've taken quite a few photo's of club member ATC's and uploaded them on the Flickr, 1st of many posts to get up to date!! You will have to excuse some of the quality of my photo's, it looks like I was drinking when I took them (I wasn't I promise!! - probably have been better if I had to be honest).

Now I need to get my pencils out, I'm learning how to draw. Me being me I've left it till the last min, I start college on the 1st September (urgh, get butterflies every time I think about it now). I'm starting at the beginning, one of my books tells me how to hold a pencil - think thats going to take me a week to get the hang of - and drawing a straight line, puh I'm doomed!

Watch out for more photo's, babble and the Fab Friday Challenge, back tomorrow.


My computers back - hooray

Hooray to the sky man, we're up and running on the computer again. Phew, had severe withdrawal syptoms!

Can I say a massive thank you to everyone who has posted, and for coming to see me and the gang at Dawns demo weekend at Topaz. Had a brilliant weekend, lovely to meet new people, and see so many familiar faces. Got messy with inks as well, so it was all good. Can you believe I didn't see Dawn all weekend!! The A team where at the mill, and the B team (haha) were at the new Craft Studio. I missed us all not being together, as I like the banter, but it was the only way it could be done. We still had a fab time of course, but it's such a shame I couldn't get to see what was going on in the studio (that's the curse of being nosey, you want to see everything).

I have loads of posting to do, need to sort out my photo's and get them on, so that could take a while. I'm book signing at the weekend, at Craft Buddies is Uckfield (google them for more details), hope some of you can pop in for a natter xxx
Its all so quiet,
its all so still
Its all so quiet
and so peaceful until...........