Friday 15 June 2018

Back to the grindstone...

I make it sound like hard work don’t I, going back to work. It isn’t. It’s good. Good people and lovely stuff to craft with. Sure, I’ve done a lot of crying into my paint pot, but we’ve also had a laugh as well - which sometimes feels like an emotion you will never be able to retrieve doesn’t it - happiness. 

So, my grindstone has ground away a little sadness. And brought in some light. And I managed to create things I was happy with - AALL and Create though. Easily done.

I’ll share a few of my makes for you.

This weekend I’m back in Brighton, doing workshops all weekend. I was supposed to be with the fantastic Clarity team today, but knew that may be a little to much for me. Sadly. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Tomorrow we are trotting off to Portsmouth. We have a joint workshop, which I’m really looking forward to. I know there’s places left if anyone wants to join us...but you’d have to book ASAP otherwise we won’t be able to pack your goody bag in time.

On Sunday we visit tonbridge wells. First time we’ve done this venue as well, so looking forward to it. I do like going to new venues, it’s a little adventure.

I hope you can join us, but if not, I’ll be back on the box next Tuesday, so will give you a wave.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Tomorrow brings another day....

Life goes feels wrong, but it’s the way it is, isn’t it. As we all know, we just have to plod on. It does feel like trudging through treacle though. And it’s exhausting.

Today was my first day back at work. Hochanda have been brilliant. They have been so supportive, and everyone was bloody lovely when I went in today. Lots of hugs, more many tears can a body produce for goodness sake.  Loads it would seem. I’m not done yet plenty more where they came from. Anyway, I was prepping as tomorrow I’m back on air. Only for my LLL shows, and I do have the amazing Graphic 45, so it’s a nice way to get back to doing what I do. You’ll have to bear with me though, my prep was rather lacking, and I haven’t a clue what I’m going to demo tomorrow! It’ll be right. It’s Graphic 45, even if I just look through the paper for an hour I'll be happy (I promise I won’t do that....maybe just for 45 mins!).

I am also selling some of my finished samples, they have been framed and set up by my wonderful friend Jenny. I’m going back to my roots, up in Hassy. I used to sell my crafty things here many moons ago, when me and my sister used to do the craft fairs. I thought it would be a lovely idea to go back, and support their wonderful craft event.  I definitely recommend a visit. They have always had some really good artists and crafters, it was always the place I’d buy my Father’s Day pressies. For those interested, the Arts and Crafts festival will run from tomorrow until Saturday, and will be held at Manchester Road Methodist Church

I must say thank you again for all your messages. The support has been incredible, I’ve been really moved by all your words.

Thank you.