Thursday 27 September 2007

Thank you. No, thank you........

One of our club members has suggested we have a section on my blog for members to say "thank you" to each other when you have received your trades. I thought that was a great idea, so here is the "Thank you, no thank you......" area. Please feel free to thank each other, and have a general chat.

Thank you.........

Wednesday 19 September 2007

I've had a re-vamp on the old blog page, and updated my flicker account with some of my ATC members cards.

I've decided to add just one or two cards to the blog, and put more on the flicker account, as it is easier to view them there. I hope everyone has a look, please let me know if you have any problems accessing the page.

I have recently been getting inspired by Somerset Studio's magazine. This is a fantastic publication from the States, I have treated myself to a subsciption as part of my Birthday pressie. Definately recommend it - I have yet to put down the magazine and start crafting though. I'll pop any results on here for you to see (I'm wondering what I can chop up and "alter" around the house !).

Friday 7 September 2007


We had a lovely weekend break for my Birthday (all arranged by Nicky - awww). We went to a little place called Ivychurch, in Kent, and stayed in a fantastic 15th century guest house.

I have to recommend the Rarebreeds Centre. Its ace.....the butterfly tunnel is fantastic. They do loads of things for kids, and have a crafty bit (which I didn't get chance to visit). Everyone should go - check out their web site for details: