Friday 30 September 2011


What a brilliant few days I had, first down London to ally pally. Brilliant. Then up north to Preston, to demo with the gang at inspirations. It was wonderful to see familiar faces, and meet new people, it really does make you feel good about the world. I know, sounds a little gushy I know, but honestly it's great getting out there and meeting everyone.

I'll pop a few pics of the stuff I was playing with, then my next post I'll pop the workshop on and try and explain what we did, just for you Kath (only teasing).


Distress stains for backgrounds and stamping

The beautiful Eco paints for crackle backgrounds and staining our ribbon

More crackle, more ribbon. And distress ink for shading and stamping

Eco paints for stamping

Eco paints on the reverse of a stamped image, which has been stamped onto acetate. Stunning.

Happy painted fingers!!

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Mac Millan coffee morning

Im afraid I have failed in my bid to host a coffee morning, just couldn't find a venue that was free I'm afraid. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get in touch with everyone personally who volunteered - I saved the details on my computer which I haven't been near in over a week, just not had chance. I'm not giving up entirely, and when I get chance I'll try a few more venues that people suggested, and maybe we can have a Christmas charity fair or something. Disappointed Stamford/Peterborough have proved to be rather tight.

Thank you to everyone who offered help, watch this space still though!

- Leonie

Thursday 22 September 2011

Tut tut

Been a rubbish blogger again haven't I. Sorry.

Well, the 40th party was fantastic, seems like ages ago now. Great fun, and so many people made an effort to be there and dress up, it made the whole thing special and full of good memories. Thank you to my wonderful family, and the bestest mates. The biggest has to go to my mum, what a complete star, again without my mum where would I have been.

The dust has settled, and back to work. Got a busy day tomorrow, on at 10am, then it's an hour on, hour off all day almost. Saturday is a morning job, then Sunday I'm off to Alexander palace to demo with creative expressions. Really looking forward to that. From London I trundle up north to demo and do a workshop for inspirations in Preston. Always good up there. So, hopefully I'll see some of you lovely folk.

Okay, bed time, up nice and early to walk the hairy kids!!xx

- Leonie