Thursday 31 January 2008

About Time!!!

Thought it was indeed about time I caught up with my blog - as usual time flew along without me even noticing - whats that about? Is it an age thing, urgh..... Anyhow since I last posted we have had a Craft Day, which was great. It's funny as we hardly see any other crafters who are in the QVC building on craft days - I didn't get chance to see Rosemary at all, but did manage to say hello to Nigel her lovely husband. It was a mad un! (I don't mean Nigel was a mad un!!).

Anyhow, recovered from that one after a week and started the mad catch up for my ATC club. If I had a tail the end would be well and truely chewed, always chasing it. Oh, to be organised. I have managed to post out quite a few trades, and even sent some of my Christmas cards. Believe it or not I made quite a few Crimbo cards, and then put them in a very safe place - took me days to find them!! I will be sending out more, but moving away from the Christmas theme, as it is a little late I suppose.

I am really looking forward to February, I'm visiting Topaz to see Tim Holtz demonstrate. I love his work so it'll be a great day. I'm also going to be doing some book signing, so hopefully see some friendly faces again (for more details of Tim's demo and my book please have a look on the Topaz web site, see link at the bottom of this page).

Brilliant news, I have found a location for our first meet and greet. I need to go and have a look and see if it will be suitable, but fingers crossed it sounds perfect. It is in Greenwich, which is a fantastic place to visit, so it can be a full day out. I will keep everyone informed, and hopefully will be able to get this off the ground soon.

If you have had a look at my Flickr account have you seen the groups on there for ATC's? There are loads, and alot of people who do one-to-one trades. I have not had time to do any trades, but love looking at all the work - some fantastic idea's, go and have a nosey.

Finally for now I have made some Oriental ATC's using products from a kit you can purchase from Topaz, all ATC members will receive a free sheet of stickers when you order the kit - remember to quote your full name (as you are registered in the ATC Club) and membership number when ordering. Please contact Topaz for the details of the kit, and how long the offer will run for. Have a look on the Flickr account to see the rest of the cards I have made (the two above are part of this collection).
I hope everyone is well. If you have found any good Crafty blogs out there share them with me and any readers.

Friday 4 January 2008

QVC kits

These are just a few images from kits I have been working on recently for QVC (there are a few more on the flickr). I loved the Bo Bunny papers, they are the Tuscany and Paris range and are stunning. I wanted to pop a couple of pieces from the recent Oriental TSV as well, as I was liked the Geisha peel-off, and loved doing the Oriental collage canvas, it really made a change to do something other than cards. I hope you like them.


Its been quite a while since I updated my blog, so here I am. We've managed to get through Christmas, it was a sad time for us I'm afraid. When I was pregnant I dreamt of the magic of Christmas returning with the arrival of my little boy (it fades a little when its just a group of adults sat round). For me Christmas is about family, as a child I loved our visits to my two sets of Grandparents, it was so exciting - parties, food and pressies. Auntie Jean wanting us all to be quiet so she could watch Dallas and Dynasty, the giant cracker Grandad used to get for us, John getting drunk, Grandad Pujol arriving really early Christmas morning just to watch me and Marianne open our pressies. It was great. I wanted Jacob to experience the joy as I had, and for us to delight in his wonder at it all. I miss him every day, but this really set off that horrid ache inside. I know alot of my readers will be able to relate with this for the loss of a loved one is always emphasised at Christmas, my heart goes out to you.

Thankfully we did it, another hurdle, and now we are in the process of picking ourselves up again and "getting on". With this in mind my poor ATC club has suffered, and I'm afraid I didn't have the urge to make Christmas cards, its now catch up time again. I am making and posting my cards (more New Year cards than Christmas), and I am in the process of trying to get all the outstanding new packs out for my ATC club. Sorry for the delay.

I would like to thank everyone who sent cards and good wishes to me. It made me giggle, as cards irritate Nicky (imagine that, with my job - that's probably why, I've driven him mad with my crafting necessities taking over the house), and I received loads this year. Poor lad. Anyway they were great, and beautiful work so thank you so much. I am going to get cards sent out to anyone I had an address for - okay it may be June when you receive you Crimbo card but I will do it!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and 2008 brings everyone joy, love and peace.