Friday, 4 January 2008


Its been quite a while since I updated my blog, so here I am. We've managed to get through Christmas, it was a sad time for us I'm afraid. When I was pregnant I dreamt of the magic of Christmas returning with the arrival of my little boy (it fades a little when its just a group of adults sat round). For me Christmas is about family, as a child I loved our visits to my two sets of Grandparents, it was so exciting - parties, food and pressies. Auntie Jean wanting us all to be quiet so she could watch Dallas and Dynasty, the giant cracker Grandad used to get for us, John getting drunk, Grandad Pujol arriving really early Christmas morning just to watch me and Marianne open our pressies. It was great. I wanted Jacob to experience the joy as I had, and for us to delight in his wonder at it all. I miss him every day, but this really set off that horrid ache inside. I know alot of my readers will be able to relate with this for the loss of a loved one is always emphasised at Christmas, my heart goes out to you.

Thankfully we did it, another hurdle, and now we are in the process of picking ourselves up again and "getting on". With this in mind my poor ATC club has suffered, and I'm afraid I didn't have the urge to make Christmas cards, its now catch up time again. I am making and posting my cards (more New Year cards than Christmas), and I am in the process of trying to get all the outstanding new packs out for my ATC club. Sorry for the delay.

I would like to thank everyone who sent cards and good wishes to me. It made me giggle, as cards irritate Nicky (imagine that, with my job - that's probably why, I've driven him mad with my crafting necessities taking over the house), and I received loads this year. Poor lad. Anyway they were great, and beautiful work so thank you so much. I am going to get cards sent out to anyone I had an address for - okay it may be June when you receive you Crimbo card but I will do it!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and 2008 brings everyone joy, love and peace.


Unknown said...

Oh Leonie, your heartfelt message has me blubbering! I thought of you over Christmas and knew you would be hurting. I wish you so much luck and happiness in 2008.

Debs xx

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Debs,
Sorry, didn't mean to make you cry! I'm not normally as open publically, but I know we are not the only one's suffering over Christmas and New Year, and it seemed silly to pretend it was all great.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy 2008,
take care

xMx said...

Hi Leonie
I have just read your message and I did think about you and Nick over Christmas as I know how you would have been feeling. We also should have had our little boy Mitchell with us.
I hope and wish that 2008 brings you both joy and happiness and hope to see lots more of you on QVC. You really are a star and an inspiration.

Sacha xMx

Anonymous said...

Like the others who have left comments I too felt a pang in my heart for you and Nicky........Not quite the same for me as it was not a "little one" I was grieving for......... but Oh I did miss my Mom at Christmas. She died not long ago and you think you are beginning to come to terms with it then everything just comes flooding back when you are supposed to be "enjoying yourselves" doesn't it ?!!!
I hope 2008 brings some sunshine and happiness into your life and that you can eventually emerge from the dark tunnel that I know some days you will be in.
Thinking of you
Lots of love Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Leonie, how lovely that even though you had this heavy feeling in your heart, you were thinking of others! I lost my mum almost 4 years ago and last April my dad passed away, Christmas was hard but you have to make yourself get on with life, not always easy I know.
Anyway wishing you & Nicky all the love & happiness in the world.


Carol said...

Hi Leonie, Just to say i think you are a true inspiration to everyone, to even think about others who have lost a loved one. I, like many others, thought about you over Christmas, i said a prayer asking for help for you and Nicky to get through this time. I have thought about you at various times of the year and each time with a lump in my throught. I have a son and i just cannot imagine the pain and hurt you must feel with him not around. I really hope that 2008 will bring happiness to yourself, Nick and all the family and friends who were priviledged to have known Jacob even if it was for too short a time. Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Just to send a big virtual hug to you both. Hope 2008 is much kinder to you.

Kaz said...

oh Leonie, I felt so much for you and your husband when this happened, it's so so sad for you and all your family.
glad you're picking yourself up, I hope 2008 brings you loads more happy times.
Kaz xx

Karin said...

This Christmas must have been so hard for you. Hoping that you will find plenty of happiness in this year to help ease the hurt.