Tuesday, 4 December 2007

John Lewis.......

I am doing a book signing "down south", this one will be on the 15th December at John Lewis on Oxford Street (how exciting). It will be the first time I've managed to get into town over the Christmas period so I'm really looking forward to it. We are making a day (and hopefully evening) of it, Carley and Kathryn are coming in with me so we can go out after the signing. I will be in the store from 12pm - 2pm (then probably wandering the streets trying not to spend loads of money!!).

Artist Trading Card club members have a peek at the flickr account as I have just updated the photo's.

Hope to see lots of your happy smiley faces either at Topaz or John Lewis xx


Anonymous said...

I know you have been very busy lately... what with Portugal and all these book signings etc ....... but what has happened to your Friday show on QVC ? We had a few, and thoroughly enjoyed them, I might add, then for a while someone else took the spot( like Amy or Rosemary) but more often than not it was something completely different. Please can we expect more from you in the New Year ??!...... we miss you !!!!
Love Mary

Sally said...

Hi Leoni, good luck with your next book signing - I will have to order it from Topaz (do they have it?). Just had a look in the Flicker at the ATC's and was really excited to see one of mine there (hubby told me to calm down as I was leaping up and down in my chair!!!) Mine was 'Thanks' so a big thank you for putting it up.

Joanne said...

I was sooo excited to meet you at Topaz and get my book signed. I dont want to ruin it so am buying another for everyday use. You have set the crafting juices flowing again with the gorgeous ATCs in your book and I have made a few following your examples and advice. I hope you make squids from it and I am already looking forward to the next one. Luv Joanne

Leonie pujol said...

Haha, hope you have calmed down Sally, I'm really glad you found your ATC on the flickr, its lovely. And it was great meeting you to Joanne, I wish I was that thoughtful with books, mine our embarrasing (they looked used but loved!).

Well Mary, we are hoping the Friday shows will come back. They suffered from not having enough stock bought for them and everything being last min. They decided to stop the weekly show, as it became Christmas gifts and "stuff". Now its fingers crossed that we can get them started again. I am back on on Craft day, so I hope you can join us all then. And thank you, its nice to be missed!