Thursday 11 December 2008


Sorry, I've been a naughty blogger recently haven't I!! Been rushed off my feet - okay nothing much to show for it but the time went somehow!

I've been attempting to catch up with my new ATC kits (printer broke though, so got held up), busy with QVC kits and also working on my Uni project. Really chuft with that, as soon as I take photo's I'll share it with you. Considering I'm definately not a big fan of doing decoupage, or cutting out for that matter, I have decided to do a Christmas siloette, all cut by craft knife. I'm quite chuft with it. I have cut into a book to create my frame, and set a light in it, which glows through the little cottage window!! Tomorrow I'm doing a screen print, so I will have a flat piece as well as the 3D image. It's brilliant to do something so completely different.

We are going away for a week tomorrow, so I thought I'd better do a quick catch up. We are off to Wales for a week. My wonderful mum and step dad have booked us a week in a cottage, the dogs are going with us so we will be getting lots of good walks in, eating and chilling. There's no TV, so I'm taking Uni work to play with, and lots of games and books. Can't wait. When we come back it's craft day, so straight back into the thick of it! Already been working on the TSV, I like it.

Well gang, better get some sleep, up nice and early.