Friday 31 July 2009

Northern Lights

Okay, due to my landing time there's not much light around, but it's Northern - I can tell cos it's mighty chilly! Can you believe I thought my show was at 1pm today - notice the boo boo, yep it was 12!!! God job I got there in time, but still had a little panic (had plenty of help though so I was saved).

Just a little posting this evening, as the drive was horrendous, I set off at 1.30pm and arrived just after 8! Evil motorways.

Still, looking forward to tomorrow, going to have a hot milky drink and an early night so I'm fresh as a daisy!

Thursday 30 July 2009


At last (it's only taken me 6 years or more!!) I have booked two dates for workshops "down South". My friend Ashley and I will be doing card making classes, both to be held in Canterbury. The dates are:

22nd August

19th September

Both workshops will be from 10am - 1pm, and suitable for all levels. We will cram in techniques, biscuits and a laugh (of course).

For further details or to book a place please email me:

Whoopee!! Hopefully the first of many.

Off we go again......

ready, well almost. Top to iron and hair to wash! Boring. Apart from that I'm organised. Do I feel human yet though - not a chance!!

I'm back in tomorrow at 1pm and then off to Dawns - hope to see some new and familiar faces there - got some lovely stamps to play with......sneaky peak:

Sorry, my photo's are abit rubbish, I was rushing tonight I'm afraid.

Wednesday 29 July 2009


Well, what a slog, but we did it. The mega QVC craft sale! Phew indeed. I was going to organise photo's to update Flickr, but there's no chance - I'm whacked, so instead just a quick update to say thank you everyone who watched, and a big thank you to Rena who had the horrid task of running from one studio to the next to help me and Amy set up and break down each show. They put Amy upstairs and I was downstairs.....hows that for planning! Nope, didn't make sense to us either, and it certainly didn't make like easier but hey, these things are sent to try us!

That being said we had really good shows, and it seemed to go like clockwork (even though I overslept - didn't even hear my alarm!! oops). Great day, great bargains and good fun.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and who got the lovely TSV - what a deal, what a steal!! Brill. Anyhow, getting ready for Fridays show, and then off to Lancashire for the Demo weekend at Dawns, hey packed my case already! Organised or what.

And now time to get a brew and chill

Tuesday 28 July 2009

And we're off...........

(almost), need to set off to work in an hour to get all organised for the big sale starting at midnight. Just thought I'd do a cheeky post whilst Nicky keeps shouting me to come and get my tea - as I forgot to put on that there is also a craft show on Friday at 1pm! Hooray, and then I wing my way up North. Busy little bee. Been cracking on with the ATC club as well, about time I know, so some lovely trades will be popping through peoples doors.

Righto, better dash or else....

Friday 24 July 2009

Flickr update

Well, I have been a busy bee on sale stuff, but as I can't share photo's of what I'm up to with you yet (surprises!) so instead I'm going to put on a photo of an amazing piece of soap! Bought it for my sister who has just got a new job as a little congrats pressie. It's all soap - really. In the smell of Raspberry cake. We went to a brilliant shop when we were in Hebden Bridge, the things they made with soap were all completely edible (but not of course, unless you want to froth).

Anyhow, on a crafty note I have managed to finally upload photo's to the flickr account, of some wonderful creations by some of the members of my ATC club (click the link on the right-hand side). It's taken me ages to get them loaded, couldn't find my password - and it takes so long. I'm up to date on that score at least (phew), just another 30 things on my list to crack on with then.

Can you believe how much it has rained! I know it needed it, as our allotment was dust, but all the seeds I sowed yesterday will have washed off to next doors patch. Back to the muddy trenches tomorrow!


Thursday 23 July 2009

Sale day ahead

Had a great day today, replanted my tommies, basil and peppers. Went to the allotment and sowed beetroot, carrot, lettuce and rocket - and worked! Getting ready for next week - think I announced the wrong day on QVC on Tuesday - the launch of the TSV is actually on Tuesday night (midnight so really it's Wednesday - but my head can't get round that one!), then - get this - I'm on 12pm and 1am then during the day on Wednesday Amy's doing 9am, 11am and 1pm, and I'm doing 10am, 12pm and 2pm!! Blimey o riley eh. Busy little bumble bees we're going to be. Rena is coming to come down and help us, we'll need it. It's going to be a mammoth sale day - so many bargins to be had.

We've just had the most fattening and wonderful hot choccy - brilliant! Enough of waffle though, getting on with some ATC's before the power of hot choc gets me and I fall into a ............zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday 22 July 2009

QVC cards

Okay, shouldn't be messing about on here as it's abit late and I'll be moaning about being tired tomorrow, but hey I've started so I'll finish. Had a great day today with our Craig - he's fab. I hope Dawn manages to make the most of the rest - and no chatting (Dawn, if you are reading!!). She did say (well, text) she was feeling abit better, so hopefully it won't get as bad as last time.

Anyhow, thought I'd pop on a few photo's from last weeks show. Also if you caught me today and want to look at the cards done with the embossed cards then just scan down to my older posts - I think they are on the 2nd July posting.

The first card has been done using canvas, which was part of a speciality paper kit. This is great for lots of card making techniques, as well as printing on. For this card I have simply stamped on the reverse of the canvas, gives you a lovely texture.

Again in the speciality paper selection, this one was the foil paper (although the same technique can be used on gloss/mirri/metal). Dead easy. Use peel off stickers to create a textured and patterned surface then use alcohol inks to colour the card and the peel offs. Makes a great background.

mmmmm, chocolate colour core card - almost as good as the real thing (chocolate that is). Easy scrapbook pages, ripping, tearing and sewing.

More chocolate, this time used in conjunction with the Slice to cut tags and frames. Scrunch and sand to get fab distressed looks.

I just wanna have a look at seed pages now, I can still sow stuff! How'd have thought! No - put the computer down.

nite nite

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Back to the blue skies

Saying that weather girl has just said it's going to rain - please do cos the earths parchy! Anyhow, our visit up north was great - and wet!! Couldn't believe how much it rained - came home hoping all would be lush and lovely, and everything looked dry and dank.

Wel I'm on QVC today. Poor Dawn sounds terrible, her throats bad again, so I need to get my ironing done and get in studio - on that note I better leg it hadn't I!

Thursday 16 July 2009

Up North again

Well, my post is long overdue, but it's been so busy this has been my first opportunity to get on the computer (you can imagine what my emails look like - I've looked at them but came away again, just looks scary!).

A Makey Do was really good. Me and Ashley had a great day, completely different to normal crafty stuff that I do, so definitely something we are going to do again. We met some great people, including Jen who did a fantastic job organising the whole event. Well done Jen.

Then straight after that we had the wonderful Kanban TSV. Dawn got the day rolling and I was in for the morning show. The evening before we had a major gooseberry picking, which meant I went on air full of scratches and bites - looking good! Anyhow, I really like the characters from Patchwork Pals, they are so cute, and brill for everyone. Great TSV.

It was a long ole day, and then we worked from the hotel for the Wednesday show. The lovely Lindsay Mason came along to the hotel, love her cards, she's brilliant. She got ready for her TV debut, and then I had to leave so didn't see her show (cheesed off about that one). We had to get up North for Nicky's mums graduation, she was there in cap and gown and collected her Degree, she has done brilliant and everyone was really proud.

That's what we've been up to, so sorry for the delays in the ATC club and getting back to people who have emailed - I'm hoping to catch up (mmmmmm).

In the meantime here's some pics of a few of the cards I did for this week:

I had the chocolate colour core pad to play with, I used it with die cuts, scrunched up the card and stencils. Love it. It's my fav as I'm really into brown card at the mo, so found it dead easy to work with:

Also played with the clear background stamps, which were also really cool. For this card I stamped on a patterned background paper with corresponding ink (using a clear block so I could see where I was stamping to make a continuous image), then just outlined part of the image with a white gel pen, dead easy but so effective.

I'll pop some more on during the next few days. ttfn xxx

Friday 10 July 2009

Ready, steady......

go.......then come back again, then set off again, and back. That's generally what happens whenever I need to go somewhere - it generally takes me 3 attempts to actually set off (after going home for the bits I've forgotten). Fingers crossed that doesn't happen tomorrow. I've had to work off my list, so if it wasn't on there it hasn't been packed, cos the brains napping. Have I managed to do everything - not a chance! Didn't do as many ATC's as I wanted, didn't get to play with the stuff I wanted etc etc. It'll be right.

Now how to get everything in the little car! First time I've tried to cram all my crafty stuff in since I down sized the wheels - this should be fun!

Monday 6 July 2009

Roll on Saturday

Really looking forward to Saturday and the Makey Do! 4 boxes arrived yesterday - hehe, full of lovely crafty books. Problem is I've ordered books I want, so this could cost me a fortune! I've got a great selection. Also bringing along some wonderful things from Crafty Notions, which I will be using to demo with, and Dawn also brought some really great stuff in for me to use as well. Should be fab.

I've also decided we should have an ATC Trading Post. There will be a table were I will start the ball rolling with a selection of ATCs ready to be traded. Bring along your ATCs and then you can either swap one of yours for one on the table, or see if a fellow ATCer is around, so you can trade face to face. Bring your trades in a bag with a big sign on it that displays proudly you are looking to trade your art work. If you are not familiar with ATC's then the basic rules are:

* ATCs should be 2.5" x 3.5"
* On the back of your ATC you should have your name and some kind of contact details (address, email, blog or phone number)
* Your ATC can be decorated using anything - the world is your oyster! Be as adventurous or safe as you please, all ATCs of all levels are welcome

And why would you do an ATC? What's the point? Well..........

ATCs are for trading only, not selling. When you start collecting ATCs you build up a fantastic range of inspiration and idea's - the beauty of these little works of art are you can contact the artist, so if you would like to know how something has been made, or what has been used then you can. You can also ask people to trade with you if you particularly like their work. Trading can be done face to face, via clubs or through the various ATC groups on the net. You meet some lovely people, who already share your creative passion, what better way to spark a friendship. Also, if you are already a card addict, then this is the perfect excuse for you to craft until your hearts content!

I hope you all join in and either make this the beginning of a wonderful collection, or add to an already budding one!

Seeya there

Some ATCs:


Sunday 5 July 2009

Crafty Weekend

Well a big thank you to Sarah, David, Fran and Peggy and all lovely crafters who joined us this weekend at Crafty Notions. I had a great time, and as ever Sarah and the gang were brilliant hosts.

Got home quicker than I got there (lost again!!), nipped in to water my plants at the allotment, then got home to mentally happy dogs but miserable tomato plants (apparently the rain didn't touch them).

Now chilling out watching Harry Potter and sorting out some lovely goodies from Sarah for next weekend at Sandwich - I'm going to be organised and everything, honest. Even recon I should get an ATC trading post set up, it would be rude not to wouldn't it.

Righto, back to the film and the goodies xx

Thursday 2 July 2009

Long overdue......

posting this one, cards I've made for QVC with the intention of getting them on, but not quite getting there!! Might just pop a few on now, otherwise I may be here all night.

I had a lovely DO Forever Friends kit to work on, with the embossed cards - really like those, very effective. Anyhow, decided to go along the circle with a gel pen, which obviously smudged. However, trusty water pen at hand, dragged the ink along and hey presto, mended! Never a mistake in crafting eh chums!

This one I was alot more careful with, and managed to go round the stitch embossed detail and wording with a steadier hand.

I used gel pens again, dragging some of the ink with the waterbrush to get a lighter effect in places. You can see the glitter still sparkling through from some of the inks. Sakura are definitely the best I've used to date.

I highlighted the stars with glitter glue for this one, subtle but effective.

If your gentle you can highlight embossed elements by dragging an ink pad over the card, the ink catches the detail.

Chalk, always handy to add easy colour to your embossed card.

Lovely card and stickers, takes me back to buying all those Forever Friends cards and goodies many moons ago.


Better up date as to what I'm up to at the weekend, as I only managed to get a quick mention of it today on air (the show went so quickly!).

I'm demonstrating at the Open House Demo Weekend at Crafty Notions, the shop/business owned by the brilliant Sarah Lawrence. I did it last year, and had a really great time. I met loads of great people, was looked after by everyone and obviously was truly inspired by Sarah and the team (and the goodies surrounding me!).

It'd be great to see some of you if you can make it, this is the link for Sarah's web site and details of the shop:


Wednesday 1 July 2009

More Glasto......

Well, it was the most sensible Glastonbury I've ever done (remember every min), ate properly, even slept well - and I've ended up getting a stinking cold! Whats that about. Next time it'll have to be back to camping and not being sure where I've been for 5 days - haha.

Everyone should try it at least once, it's fantastic. There seemed to be more campers (posh ones as well) than ever. There was also an abundance of blue face paint (saving water campaign), and little trucks ferrying kiddies and other worldly goods. Lots of men in wings (think that may have been something to do with the lady on the Fairy stand wearing a pretty skirt and glitter on her nipples!), and an annoying abundance of flags (right in front of the stage).

We saw Neil Young, Blur, The Wonderstuff (blast from the past), a local band called Wheeler Street, then lots of other stuff. There's so much going on, you always come away feeling you've missed something. The new bit (Trash City), is ace. It's a cross between From Dust to Dawn, Mad Max and 2000AD. The art works brilliant, with the weird and wonderful. It's like a different world.

The craft field was excellent, you could try glass blowing, potters wheel, making a pencil........loads of stuff (more than that). And it was really popular, which is great to see.

Anyhow, I'm still waking up thinking I'm at Glasto at the mo - last night a neighbours dog kept waking me up barking and I couldn't work out how or why they had a dog at the Festival. Obviously in denial that I'm home!

Need tickets for next year, it's their big 40!!


The Dolls House night club - Trash City