Friday, 31 July 2009

Northern Lights

Okay, due to my landing time there's not much light around, but it's Northern - I can tell cos it's mighty chilly! Can you believe I thought my show was at 1pm today - notice the boo boo, yep it was 12!!! God job I got there in time, but still had a little panic (had plenty of help though so I was saved).

Just a little posting this evening, as the drive was horrendous, I set off at 1.30pm and arrived just after 8! Evil motorways.

Still, looking forward to tomorrow, going to have a hot milky drink and an early night so I'm fresh as a daisy!


Hazel (Didos) said...

You want to be on the East Coast of Scotland cause bet its even colder here, have thought about putting the heating on.
Just had a laugh at your tweets about the services. LOL Loved the show today, enjoy your weekend, Hazelxo

Leonie pujol said...

Ooo, bet it is chilly up there Hazel, but pretty. Mum hasn't got the heating on this time, did last time we came up though - couldn't believe it!

I was so mad at the services, decided next time I will try all the food before I leave and if it's rubbish take it back! What do I mean "if". See, I'll never learn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun, hope all is well your sound so content with Life my love great to see and read it. Keep up the great work you do on TV don't do crafting but love watching you when i see a friend on TV it's great. Keep well Shellxxxx