Friday, 24 July 2009

Flickr update

Well, I have been a busy bee on sale stuff, but as I can't share photo's of what I'm up to with you yet (surprises!) so instead I'm going to put on a photo of an amazing piece of soap! Bought it for my sister who has just got a new job as a little congrats pressie. It's all soap - really. In the smell of Raspberry cake. We went to a brilliant shop when we were in Hebden Bridge, the things they made with soap were all completely edible (but not of course, unless you want to froth).

Anyhow, on a crafty note I have managed to finally upload photo's to the flickr account, of some wonderful creations by some of the members of my ATC club (click the link on the right-hand side). It's taken me ages to get them loaded, couldn't find my password - and it takes so long. I'm up to date on that score at least (phew), just another 30 things on my list to crack on with then.

Can you believe how much it has rained! I know it needed it, as our allotment was dust, but all the seeds I sowed yesterday will have washed off to next doors patch. Back to the muddy trenches tomorrow!



jennyflowerblue said...

Yummy looking soap! Had you thought of planting water cress? xx

Joanne said...

Just had a peek at your Flickr. Don't you agree that folk are getting better? I just think all those ATCs are great. xx

Fab said...

OMG Leonie I thought that was a real cake and started pining for one (I'm not allowed them remember ! LOL).

That's amazing work !

Loved your hours with Craig last time and it was so sweet of him to try to hide his compact and quickly put some powder on his forehead (obviously a very hot day).

Have a lovely weekend.


sharon said...

I love those soaps! I'm excited to see what bargains are to be had on Wednesday! I must send you some more ATC's - lost track of where I'm up to! I think you should add some chickens to your allotment. We have 3 rescue hens and they are laying eggs every day! The cat isn't to impressed with them though! xx

lesleyanne said...

well leonie
its nice gentle rain in our little corner of kent
just righr for your veggies
have a day off on wednesday
just right to watch crafts all day
good luck with the shows
hugs lesley xx

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm `delish` which reminds me I m going on a diet!!!ha ha...
Have a lovely week....Leonie`(((hugs))):)x