Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More Glasto......

Well, it was the most sensible Glastonbury I've ever done (remember every min), ate properly, even slept well - and I've ended up getting a stinking cold! Whats that about. Next time it'll have to be back to camping and not being sure where I've been for 5 days - haha.

Everyone should try it at least once, it's fantastic. There seemed to be more campers (posh ones as well) than ever. There was also an abundance of blue face paint (saving water campaign), and little trucks ferrying kiddies and other worldly goods. Lots of men in wings (think that may have been something to do with the lady on the Fairy stand wearing a pretty skirt and glitter on her nipples!), and an annoying abundance of flags (right in front of the stage).

We saw Neil Young, Blur, The Wonderstuff (blast from the past), a local band called Wheeler Street, then lots of other stuff. There's so much going on, you always come away feeling you've missed something. The new bit (Trash City), is ace. It's a cross between From Dust to Dawn, Mad Max and 2000AD. The art works brilliant, with the weird and wonderful. It's like a different world.

The craft field was excellent, you could try glass blowing, potters wheel, making a pencil........loads of stuff (more than that). And it was really popular, which is great to see.

Anyhow, I'm still waking up thinking I'm at Glasto at the mo - last night a neighbours dog kept waking me up barking and I couldn't work out how or why they had a dog at the Festival. Obviously in denial that I'm home!

Need tickets for next year, it's their big 40!!


The Dolls House night club - Trash City


Kim Dellow said...

Looks like you had a really good time :) I watched it all on telly - arm chair festival going isn't quite the same. I had to pretend to cue for the toilets :)

Anonymous said...

`WoW` looks like you had a blast Leonie..TFS:) x