Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Well, what a slog, but we did it. The mega QVC craft sale! Phew indeed. I was going to organise photo's to update Flickr, but there's no chance - I'm whacked, so instead just a quick update to say thank you everyone who watched, and a big thank you to Rena who had the horrid task of running from one studio to the next to help me and Amy set up and break down each show. They put Amy upstairs and I was downstairs.....hows that for planning! Nope, didn't make sense to us either, and it certainly didn't make like easier but hey, these things are sent to try us!

That being said we had really good shows, and it seemed to go like clockwork (even though I overslept - didn't even hear my alarm!! oops). Great day, great bargains and good fun.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and who got the lovely TSV - what a deal, what a steal!! Brill. Anyhow, getting ready for Fridays show, and then off to Lancashire for the Demo weekend at Dawns, hey packed my case already! Organised or what.

And now time to get a brew and chill


sharon said...

I really enjoyed today Leonie and I loved that top you were wearing! I was good and only bought one kit but was tempted by loads. I wasn't quick enough to get your ATC kit this morning! Well done - you must be shattered! xx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Leonie!saw your show's today could'nt buy anything though but gots lots of inspiration instead :) ... those cloud 9 kits were gorge!!!wanted then all...i'm a paper addict lol
you did a fab job as always
hugs amanda xx

Beverley said...

Hi Leonie, loved the shows today. Got a few bits and pieces, but was one of the lucky ones to get the TSV, just love K&Co papers. Looking forward to Friday.

Kim Costello said...

Great show Leonie, thought I would pop over and say Hi and yes I got my hands on the TSV can't wait. Thanks for posting HuGs Kim :)

Leonie pujol said...

Thank you for your comments everyone, it was a fab day, and yep I was whacked. Poor Rena and Amy broke down on the way back up North! They didn't get home till 11 o clock - was a rubbish end to a busy day eh!