Sunday 27 June 2010

Craft club

Hi everyone, sorry for the late notice but I have had to cancel the craft club tomorrow evening, so sorry. I have to work,U Lesley has to work and the hall has been double booked! How many excuses can I come up with!

So sorry, I will be reorganising the date as soon as I find my calender.

I'll miss it, but Christmas crafting can't wait.....

Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Road Trip (with a dive out of the plane thrown in!)

It's been ages since I posted, I haven't even told you our plane dive and road trip story! How very rude indeed.

Well, it all started with me and Andrea meeting at the warehouse - watering the tomatoes before we hit the road! We had to travel in two cars as I was heading to Canterbury and Andrea back to Peterborough after our adventure. So, the road was long, and our spirits up (and the sat nav not really set cos I couldn't remember my dads address - how rubbish am I).

We had a few stops, the first approximately 10 mins after we set off - it's very important to have provisions on a road trip, and man we ate! haha.

We did have a little trauma, when Andrea was getting sleepy on the motorway and doing that wavy drive technique, so we pulled over for some air - and like a cocky mare I told Andrea to put her handbrake on, only to look at my car which was off, down the road, dogs pretty useless at this stage in hand break application. I ran after the car (it's small, I'd have been able to stop it with my incredible hulk arms), but it ended in a ditch before I could get to it. With car safely on the road, we had a little stroll and then got on our way again.

We had a lovely evening at dad and Elena's, Teela my dog was dismayed to see her two daughters (she never did the maternal thing), especially as they are so keen to love her, awww.

The next morning was part two of the road trip, and we were just abit late! Bombed it!! Waste of time panicking - had to wait yonks to do the jump, but the sun shined - we had many lovely things to keep us entertained, so all in all it was rather splendid. And then, Howard with his balls of steel, and me with my boobs of saggy rubber - off we went into the blue! And what a wondrous blue it was. It took 20-25 mins for the plane to climb to the required 15000 feet, and then before I knew it we were jumping out of a plane. No, really, jumping out of a damn plane. I wasn't scared until we actually fell from our safety net......

then I realised I was terrified!!

Oh man, seeing the world open up like that and span out before you - my brain just could not comprehend what I'd done. Shock. All the things they told us not to do, I did! Obviously. Don't put your arms to far back - mine looked double jointed, don't hold the instructors hands, holding on for grim death!! haha. I let go quickly.

After my brain asked me if I was actually enjoying myself, I concluded I probably was - but when the parachute opened and the world slowed down it became amazing, and I didn't want to land. It was just fantastic.

We landed, so quickly, but easily. I obviously decided I loved my instructor (I was alive!!), but we had to leave. Me and Andrea celebrated with cake - then tea! Smashing.

We had a safe journey home, the end of our road trip and excellent adventure.

Whats next............