Monday 28 December 2009

Feeling groovy

That's more like it eh!

Feel miles better today, work was great - fab job, just love it. The lovely Jo brought me in food (mmmm), handmade pastries. It was great to see everyone, and meet lovely new people as well. See, back to everything being lovely and great. haha!

I'm really looking forward to going home this weekend, just hope the snow doesn't stop us - puh, will it heck, I'll drag my sis to Canterbury if it means I have to dig the car out every mile. Really looking forward to it, and missed home so much.

Has everyone been treating themselves in the sales then? I think I might really, really NEED a Wii, with the fit plus. I need it don't I? I have some Crimbo cash, and need to get it spent before the VAT goes up (the excuses are just piling on in). Anyhow, it's cheaper than signing up for the gym, and sounds miles more fun.

Well, that's my day today. I know, I also really need a camera as well. So much on the list! Oh hum.

Take care y'all. Hope you had a lovely bank holiday if you were off work.

Sunday 27 December 2009


Well, that's crimbo over for another year eh. It was another one that will be written off - fingers crossed by next year I'll be feeling the Christmas spirit again.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, or if it's a bad time for you, I hope it tootled along quickly.

I'm only doing a short post I'm afraid, so tired tonight! Going to have a nice bath with the new bath bombs from my mum (mmmm, lush, they are the best) - then hit the sack.

Take care y'all

Tuesday 22 December 2009


That's all I've got to say today really. Been in a card shop. Bluuch. My own fault, I know, should be organised and have everything organised by now and hand made - but needed to get last min special cards, never again. I'm sure there were more boyfriend, fiance and other stomach churning slop than ever!

haha, sorry, it's lovely really - but bluuuuch. Came back to my little room and went to bed to sulk! Up again now, will have a nice long bath and shove more sculpting cream on. Just wait - I've hair dye somewhere that I've never got round to using - that's next on the list. MMmmmm, be a giggle for New Year.

I always thought green was my colour.......xx

Monday 21 December 2009

You lot!

Oh you lot, your wonderful. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and the emails that have been coming through. As ever, your support is really, really heart warming and very touching.

So, in a bid to think positive, I've been considering the "ups" of splitting up (hell, we have all wasted hours of our life feeling sorry for ourselves when we split up - so time to fish out a few good bits!). Here goes:

*The Diet Begins. Being put off food via sadness brings about a new feeling of unbloatedness and getting into some old jeans! Almost dread feeling okay again! Keep back you evil mince pies with brandy butter

* Plans. These begin in earnest, to fill in the gaps, and some of them even get off the ground. Holiday beckons!

* Cleaning. Yep, the house gets the full treatment with anger being taken out on beating the cushions. Avoid getting them soaked by crying into them!

* The Gym. Okay, gotta get out and meet people and make myself feel better. The Gym. Makes me laugh every time I take this option, as I go to the gym in my headphones, don't make eye contact with anyone cos I feel a fool, and leg it out of there asap! Rubbish way to meet people.

* Dogs love you even more - because they now get away with murder. Settee, bed, treats left, right and centre. And my undivided attention (even though I'm stuck in my hotel and missing them dreadfully)

* Cheaper Christmas. Yep, saving money on the pressie of the year - ha, there goes his kite boarding lessons. Horse riding lessons for me instead I recon

* Work. Love it more than ever! Phew.

* Actually now slapping on the "Sculpting Body Mask" which I have had for about 2 years! I will feel better and attempt to reduce the cellulite!

I'm sure there's more - and of course I'm being abit tongue in cheek. It's all abit pooey - but we have all been there haven't we, and we all get through. Isn't it funny, each time it feels like the first. Whats that about.

I've picked up loads of travel brochures today. To celebrate my new job we were going to book the first holiday we've had for years - so not missing out on that one, my lovely sister is going to come away with me. There's so many places to go! Forgot how big the world was for a moment there. I'm trying to compile a short list - Sri Lanka looks fabulous. Oh my word. I'm trying not to think about boring stuff like extra bills - lets go HOLIDAYING. See, I'm really lucky I have the ability to escape, and someone fun to go away with me.

I read quite a few messages from people who were going through the same thing, had family going through it, and alot worse - my heart goes out to you. It's even more devastating when there are children involved - so I hope you all and your families will be okay and the New Year brings happiness.

I'm off to scrape off my body sculpting cream, and hopefully an inch of cellulite!!

Again, my sincere thank you to all of you who left comments and thoughts, and especially to those in the same boat, or in much more difficult situations, take care

Sunday 20 December 2009

This to will end

Okay, don't really want to do this post, but feel I need to really. Most people who get in touch with me, or have been sending cards, know about my boyfriend Nicky - so I figured it's one of those things I need to share. Feels a bit weird to be honest, but when we lost Jacob I still had people asking me how my baby was for quite some time after, and it's uncomfortable - not just for me but the person who asks, as they feel bad, and I feel bad making them feel bad, if you see what I mean! So, better to get the news out there and try and avoid tricky situations as much as possible.

Enough babble, unfortunately we have split up. Rubbish timing, but they say if you love someone let them go - he's been brave enough to tell me he's not happy, so I need to be strong enough to let him go. Very poo, feel that heavy heart weighing me down again - but it'll be okay. It was actually 3 weeks ago, and work and friends have got me through so far - so glad I've been at work and surrounded by uplifting people - it's a necessity isn't it.

That's my news. I'll be okay, I know I've got through a whole lot worse, but it is, of course, incredibly, horrendously sad.

I know there may be one or two people out there who may cynically think I'm writing this for sympathy - trust me that is certainly not the case.

Hope this now explains my lack of a camera (it was Nicky's), and my trouble with sleep. Buggers those emotions arn't they.

Anyhow, it's work tomorrow, so I'll be back in a happy place, and a New Year will bring another new start (urgh, thought I'd had a big one of them for one year which seemed like quite enough. Oh hum). Sorry to be posting sad news, I'll think of something happy to share with you tomorrow - even if I have to lie!!!

Take care in the horrid (but beautiful) weather - stay safe and warm xx

Wednesday 16 December 2009


How's everyone doing? I've just got back to my little hotel room, changed into the scruffs and have plans to decorate my Oxfam cards (hehe). Do you know, I was adding my glitter and little gems last night and really enjoyed it. I wanted to write in each card though that I'd at least done that - but realised it could stretch my Crimbo card writting to 5 weeks (I do tend to go on!). I feel much better about it now, all the cards say they are from Oxfam, and 50% recycled (you can hear the guilt ooozzzing out of me can't you, haha).

Anyhow, as usual had a great week so far. Did you see the show yesterday with Robert? Isn't he a star. We had such fun. Forgot about the menu bit at the end of the show that I have to read out - me and Robert are telling each other how wonderful it had gone, when they reminded me the mic's were still live. Don't think anyone heard us squealing - but I was so thrilled. Had a great show. If you didn't see it look out for the repeats, okay no idea how you find out about repeats so I can't help there, but they are called Once Upon a Stamp. Brilliant.

Today was great. Graham and I did the Dufex, then it was madness. Still can't get over the prices. I know I sound cheesy, but it's true. There's so much I want it's silly! Love all the ribbons. Card stock is all essential. HOTP, lovely. I won't go on.

If you fancy your chance to get blog candy, scroll down for my earlier post and pop your name on the list.

Phew, righto, I'm going to glitter owls.....or have a nap!

Sunday 13 December 2009

Did you.....

nip on for a chance to win the last blog candy? If so are you Pam C (Miles mum, hi!!), or Claire. I've picked you two out of the magic hat, but when I've tried to contact you I can't access your details - so if you could drop me a line with your addy I can get your goodies in the post for you:

Thank you

Candy and cheating!

Well at last I have done my blog candy and emailed the lucky winners - thank you for entering. I now have to try and get to the post office, next week is so busy.

I have got another pack of Blog Candy up for grabs - unfortunately I haven't got a camera at the moment, so can't pop on a picture - but there's a nice selection of papers and stickers up for grabs. Respond to this posting if you are interested.

I do want to apologise for the lack of pics recently - it looks boring doesn't it. Hope I'll be able to rectify that soon.

Now, cheating. Your going to shout at me. I have today bought Christmas cards!!! I know, that's very very naughty - comes the reason (excuse), every year I intend to make cards, never get round to it, and then never send any out, so this year I've bought some from Oxfam (see, charity cards, good for Oxfam, especially in a recession), and I choose them with the strict idea of popping on a few embellishments - so I can do that thing that they do in the shops and say hand finished! At least this year I'll actually get some cards sent out, so I won't beat myself up to much. Next year, I'll start making them when everyone else does - January!

Friday 11 December 2009


isn't easy to do in hotels. It's been a terrible week, sleep wise. I haven't settled. Keep waking up, panicking that I'm late. Hate that. I need to have a real early night tonight - on the hot choc already to help! I've a really busy day tomorrow - well I've only 3 hours live but it's the launch of the Craft Madness event, mega reduced prices. It's just little me at 8am - no guest, so plenty of demoing (I hope), and chatting!

Early night and decent sleep essential - gulp!xx

Thursday 10 December 2009


Just a quick post to say hello from my little hotel room. Need to sort out a pad up here, but somewhere I can bring my doggies - not easy is it. Hopefully have something to view this week, fingers crossed.

Had a good day today, our guests just brighten up any cloudy day don't they. Brill. The only thing I was disappointed about was not being on with Bev from Banana Frog, did anyone watch the show? I love Bev's stamps, and all her idea's. Her stuff is so fresh and different - if you haven't seen them then please check them out, they are worth collecting!

Have a look on there for your local stockists. I have some of Bev's stamps actually, when I get home from my shift I'm going to get some posted on here to let you have a look.

Righto, I'm off to go and carry on writting my envelopes out for my ATC club. Seeya later.xx

Wednesday 9 December 2009

ATC club and Craft club

Hi folks. Well back to work after my 7 days off (7 days, how wonderful). It's a busy run now though, won't have time to think (can be a great thing at times can't it!).

However, just a thought, the ATC club is of course, still up and running. I'm in the process of writting to everyone so they know the change of address, but thought I would just pop a reminder on here:

L Pujol
P O Box 1027

Also, another thought, seeing as our Craft Club was such a success, I thought it may be a great idea if you fancy coming along, but don't have any transport to let us know. I can post this on my blog, and let the ladies know who already attend, to see if we can sort out car shares. Think this could be a great idea, and of course it's very green.

I have one lady who needs to travel from Deal - so if you are in Deal but didn't fancy driving in alone, then let me know, and I can swap your details for you. I'll be announcing the next date soon, just want to work out my work rota.

Bit sleepy tonight, so think I'll be good and turn in early.

Take care folks

Monday 7 December 2009

The First Craft Club......brilliant!!

Had a great evening tonight. Perfect turn out - even in the nasty cold wet weather. How inspired am I! Got so many new idea's, I want to go and craft, but I'm being forced to drink the wine we didn't touch. Oh, the pressure of a crafty life eh. hehe.

I hope I will be able to have a play tomorrow, as I want to share some of the brilliant idea's I have got. But, just in case I don't get chance I'll pop on some inspirational blogs so you can see just a small taste of the fabulous talent in our club (okay, I'm just popping one on tonight, but there will be more).

Check out:


Anyway, I'll show more, and hopefully have a play. Thank you to everyone who came, it was such a good night, roll on January.

Friday 4 December 2009

Quick reminder

I've been rubbish this week, I had plans here there and everywhere - but the time has flown as ever. I have managed to put up my Christmas decorations though! Hooray. How fabulous. Even got a little tree (Nicky said we wouldn't be able to fit one in the house, thank goodness they do diddy ones these days).

My friend Jenny is on her way down for her first visit, so I need to get some food on, but just wanted to remind everyone about the craft club on Monday. Here's the details:

Jubilee Hall, Cow Lane, Wincheap, Canterbury

7pm - 10pm

EVERYONE welcome - no need to book, or pay a deposit. Please, spread the word, really the more the merrier.

Minimal charge of £3 to cover the cost of the room and refreshments.

Please bring a sample of your work - not necessary, but thought it would be great to see what crafts we are all into, and it's a great ice breaker.

Bring something you want to share, or something you have bought and haven't got a clue about. It helps others learn, or you can pick the brains of other crafty folk.

There will be a Christmassy feel, so bring something Christmassy along, we have home baked mince pies on the list (obviously I'll just be in the corner feeding my face!!).

I'm going to start a stamp library, a minimal charge which will go into the crafty club pot. More idea's and plans are afoot!

Spread the word..........

For those of you to far away - there's always trains, planes and automobiles. Only teasing, I'm thinking of expanding the ATC club, so maybe a general craft club which ties in would be quite nice. That's another one in the "planning" stages.

Hope to see you there.

ps, only just read Blance has passed away from Corrie. I should, of course say the actress who plays Blance. How sad, she was a brilliant character and will be very missed - another one of the old favourites.