Friday, 11 December 2009


isn't easy to do in hotels. It's been a terrible week, sleep wise. I haven't settled. Keep waking up, panicking that I'm late. Hate that. I need to have a real early night tonight - on the hot choc already to help! I've a really busy day tomorrow - well I've only 3 hours live but it's the launch of the Craft Madness event, mega reduced prices. It's just little me at 8am - no guest, so plenty of demoing (I hope), and chatting!

Early night and decent sleep essential - gulp!xx


jordiegirl said...

You'll be fine, don't worry.

Hope you had a good sleep, it's always difficult to get to sleep when you aren't in your own bed.

Carol said...

Hope you settled and feel more relaxed, hard to believe you get worried!

Will try and watch tonight but I think the boys will capture the Wii box ..... sending positive vibes!!

Helen's cards blog said...

Caught a few of your shows today, really liked the 3 lots of metal bits. Enjoyed the little demo's, pity they didn't give you a bit more time for them.



Hi Leonie
It's great to see you "doing your own thing" on C&C - so pleased you made the leap! Your presenting style is very down to earth and friendly and you're a pleasure to watch.
Sylvia xx