Wednesday, 9 December 2009

ATC club and Craft club

Hi folks. Well back to work after my 7 days off (7 days, how wonderful). It's a busy run now though, won't have time to think (can be a great thing at times can't it!).

However, just a thought, the ATC club is of course, still up and running. I'm in the process of writting to everyone so they know the change of address, but thought I would just pop a reminder on here:

L Pujol
P O Box 1027

Also, another thought, seeing as our Craft Club was such a success, I thought it may be a great idea if you fancy coming along, but don't have any transport to let us know. I can post this on my blog, and let the ladies know who already attend, to see if we can sort out car shares. Think this could be a great idea, and of course it's very green.

I have one lady who needs to travel from Deal - so if you are in Deal but didn't fancy driving in alone, then let me know, and I can swap your details for you. I'll be announcing the next date soon, just want to work out my work rota.

Bit sleepy tonight, so think I'll be good and turn in early.

Take care folks

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Kaz said...

Hi Leonie, I live in Margate and would love to come along sometimes, but I'd need transport, so if you know anyone who fancies a passenger (I'll share petrol money) please could you point them in the direction of my blog. Thanks very much and fingers crossed i can make it to the club.
Kaz xxx