Wednesday, 16 December 2009


How's everyone doing? I've just got back to my little hotel room, changed into the scruffs and have plans to decorate my Oxfam cards (hehe). Do you know, I was adding my glitter and little gems last night and really enjoyed it. I wanted to write in each card though that I'd at least done that - but realised it could stretch my Crimbo card writting to 5 weeks (I do tend to go on!). I feel much better about it now, all the cards say they are from Oxfam, and 50% recycled (you can hear the guilt ooozzzing out of me can't you, haha).

Anyhow, as usual had a great week so far. Did you see the show yesterday with Robert? Isn't he a star. We had such fun. Forgot about the menu bit at the end of the show that I have to read out - me and Robert are telling each other how wonderful it had gone, when they reminded me the mic's were still live. Don't think anyone heard us squealing - but I was so thrilled. Had a great show. If you didn't see it look out for the repeats, okay no idea how you find out about repeats so I can't help there, but they are called Once Upon a Stamp. Brilliant.

Today was great. Graham and I did the Dufex, then it was madness. Still can't get over the prices. I know I sound cheesy, but it's true. There's so much I want it's silly! Love all the ribbons. Card stock is all essential. HOTP, lovely. I won't go on.

If you fancy your chance to get blog candy, scroll down for my earlier post and pop your name on the list.

Phew, righto, I'm going to glitter owls.....or have a nap!


sharon said...

I want everything too! Crazy prices! I've stocked up on card, printing paper and acetate - wasn't I a good girl! Oh yeah I did order my first CD (Back to nature) - looks fun!
I'm off work next week so will be able to tune in. Can't believe they are making you work on Xmas Eve! xx

SpookysCraftyMess said...

I know you are going to get bored with me saying this but I really do just abs luv luv luv your showes, I learn loads, lauff loads and feel I've known you for an age which I have I suppose,I even emailed the gallery the other day saying how much of a breath of fresh air you were, and how much my pals and I thought you were the best thing since sliced bread had been invented,asked if it was pos for a card from you but never got a reply - doddery old peeps. but we still have you. Your right about Robert he's lovely too and so is his wife,, well back to the rest of the crimbo cards,email me your addy and I'll send one to you.I won't be going any further than my dear last year but you do brighten my days so Thank you for that, hugs as ever Barbara xxx

Anonymous said...

I must say Leonie I really did enjoy your show with Robert. I was glued to the tv. When I return from my hols I shall be getting those magnetic mats, they are great. Don't trust the post at the moment.

virgolady said...

hi Leonie loved your shows you are so natural and have a laugh can't wait for the days when you are presenting. wish you could do some more demo's though.

Prudence said...

I want more ribbons!!!

Anonymous said...

I was busy and so listening rather than watching the show yesterday...but I had to laugh when you said about the cute little piggy's bum on the inside of the card - Thanks for brightening my day.

fiona said...

saw you on the show with Robert, wow how good were you.
You seemed to enjoy the show as much as i did.
So hope you can relax now and have a rest and get those cards out.
Well done.
Just ordered my card for next year and a few xmas packs for next year the prices were amazing.
Hear from you soon.
Just watch out or you will spend all your wages on C&C things as you will have first chance to get all teh bargains lol fi