Tuesday 31 March 2009

Another crafty day

Well, that Dawn Bibby was full of a cold today wasn't she - I kept my distance. Only joking, she did really well to get through the show, she was full of the snuffles. Hope she's okay for the weekend - demo weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. I've got some lurvely stamps to work with, and sprays to make a mess of course. Super. It's great seeing all the Topaz totty (the girls), and our regular customers, who I hardly see anymore.

Had to get the train into work today, the cars in having lots of bits and bobs done to make it legal (how dull). Can you believe I missed my stop as I was reading about slow worms and lizards laying their eggs in my compost heap! Riveting stuff you know. Learnt how to make a ladybird and solitary bee house (separate ones, they don't bunk up together).

Still not got my photo's on, my camera's playing up so have to download the pic's via my printer - it's a farce really, so not many photo's being sorted. I've got my ATC club to crack on with anyway - so better get cracking hadn't I. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the wonderful light evenings

Monday 30 March 2009


Thought I'd pop on for a quick up-date, still got work to do (and a donut to eat - it was only 9p!!! Be rude to leave it on the shelf wouldn't it).

Last week was a busy one. Tuesday, what a day, in QVC at 7.15 and didn't leave until 12.30am. I am so glad I didn't have the drive home to Canterbury, stayed at Dawn and J's hotel, I had a sofa bed this time, which they even made up with my own towels and shampoo's - actually taken a photo which I'll have to pop on - very posh pad!

I was back in QVC today, my first show with Daniel. He's really sweet, and seems to like crafting - think his little girl will be chuft with that and waiting to see what crafty treats Daddy brings her home. Awww. Did you see the embossed papers? They were fab! Definately my favourite of the hour, beautiful.

Anyhow, managed to do over an hour at the allotment this evening, did I say I had an allotment? We haven't really had any time to do anything with it as yet, but now the evenings are getting longer we are trying to grab an hour here and there. I love it. We managed to get two rows of spuds in, which we had already "chitted" (technical terminology as well!!). Did a bit of weeding, and checked out the impressive rhubarb. The lady who had the plot before us had Gooseberry's, raspberrys, blueberrys and rhubarb - so we've already things shooting up. It's great. Could spend hours up there, so relaxing, and we've already met some lovely people.

Anyhow, got to get on with a kit for tomorrow - almost finished it but need to make some cards up.

Hope everyone is well, back with Dawn tomorrow, then on air on Thursday at 10am, whoopeee.

Sunday 22 March 2009

Carded out......

I'm ready, let trend week and a TSV commence.........or am I!!!

Didn't manage to get to Olympia this weekend (did you pluck up the courage to visit Dawn, Fab, I hope so). I was in my little room, micro dots a frenzy, mega cardmaking! Hopefully got everything done on the list (nearly had kittens when I found 4 kits to work on today which I'd completely forgotten about!! oops).

I've packed my little bag, as I'm in with Dawn and JJ tomorrow, then staying over at the hotel tomorrow night and Tuesday night. I love staying at their hotel - I'm so easily pleased, it always feels like a little holiday! JJ won't let me pinch the magazines from the room though (spoil sport), but I'm happy with the shampoo and the fab body lotion.

Weird thing happened today, Dylan was barking, so I went to the door and there was a lady and my little Teela. Appartently Teela had gone for a walk round the block - on her own. How scary is that, we live so close to a busy main road. The poor lady who followed her home must have thought I was mad, I just stood there looking stupid, as I couldn't work out how she'd got out. What a lovely woman though, she must have followed her in her car to our house, and wanted to check she was my dog. I think I must have shut her out when I was topping up the bird feeder. Why she decided to have a walk round the block is a mystery. I'm just so relieved she came home and was safe. Urgh, to scary to think about isn't it. I've no idea how I did that though - I am seriously losing the old marbles.

That said, better get to bed as it's a very early start tomorrow, especially after the horrid traffic last week, can't take any risks! I'll tuck Teela in - make sure she's happy to be home and doesn't try and leave again!


Wednesday 18 March 2009

Party, and late beginnings

Well, this is a quicky, a few photo's from Marianne's party. There were some fab outfits - so many people joined in, brill turn out. Maz of course was the best - her dress was beautiful.

Today, the traffic!! Oh man. I was on air at 10am, and didn't get in the studio until 9.40am. Can you believe it! Imagine if I hadn't set up the night before! See, being organised is everything it's cracked up to be - need to try that more often eh. I set off at 6.30am - that's just rude isn't it.

Now, I'm watching Desperate Housewives whilst cutting up some decoupage for next week - we've got a busy old one ahead - so full steam ahead.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

The last bit of Poison Ivy.......

.....is the nail varnish - bright green. Lovely. Only £1.50 from the market, what a tremendous bargain. I'll pop on a photo or two of my sisters 30th birthday party - it was fab. Me and my partners in crime (Hanelli and Katie), were party to the decorating of a tree or two with brill photo's of my sis, hehe. Great fun. I was so excited by the time we'd finished, but couldn't tell Marianne what was wrong with me!! Had to pretend it was the excitment of drinking Champagne! Anyway, the party was great, and the weekend up North just catching up with family and chilling out was just what was needed.

Anyhow, need to get back to attempting to get the green stuff off - I'm on air tomorrow, nice and early at 10am, and I don't think they'll look to good on air (should I put on my red wig - wouldn't it be funny).

Hey, had a twitter today!! Check out QVC's page:
and search for

Twittering - what's the world coming to!!

Wednesday 4 March 2009

House hunting

Okay, we didn't plan to move yet (only been here over 6 months so it's abit silly isn't it) but we have just been to see a house. It's georgeous. You have to walk through a small field with a horse in it to get to it, you overlook an apple orchard at the back and a cherry orchard at the front, and it has bags of character. Dilemma. The rooms are a tad small, and I've got used to having lots of room, which is still overflowing with all my stuff. Aaaah. What am I going to do! Lots of blog candy........I've enough to keep that one going for a year I recon. And what about my birdies, apparently once you have started feeding them you can't stop as they come to rely on you. In the winter a blue tit loses a percentage of his body weight at night, so in the day he will fly to a guarenteed food source, if the food isn't there he may die before he can find something to eat. Can I move with that on my concience. I know, they are wild birds, they will be okay, but I'll miss them. Think I've developed attachment problems to the birds. There's no hope.

Anyhow, Nicky has left it in my hands. We need to write a list on the pro's and cons and try not to just follow our hearts. It has open fires, no central heating, no sky! What an adventure......

Have you all had a nose at Dawn's blog. She's putting me to shame and has done loads more postings than me! Have a look at the photo's of her doggies, they are beautiful. You shouldn't have favourites, but Charlie is mine. It's a great photo of Dawn and Jerry as well. Jerry great, we once went to America with Dawn to one of the HIA shows and had such a laugh, me and Jerry went round one of the stands dragging our feet along the floor to build up our static. We shuffled our way up to Dawn (who was having a very serious business type chat), and zapped her. We obviously found the whole thing hilarious - poor Dawn, we were like big kids. Brilliant fun.

Anyway, need to get some work done don't I (or dream about our house in the country - I could learn to ride horses!!) aaaahhhhhh.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Back again

Well, time has passed since my last post hasn't it.

My first words have to be, of course, about my lovely baby Jacob, who should have been two years old last Wednesday. It was a sad day. The kind of sadness that sits so heavily in your chest it almost crushes your lungs. We went to where his ashes are scattered, the little willow trees they planted for him are still there, growing strongly. Sadness takes so much energy doesn't it, a total drain of all your reserves, physically and mentally.

Yesterday wasn't as bad (he passed away 2 years yesterday). We were both okay, me and Nicky. In fact quite up-beat. I didn't do any work I'm afraid, I had to do something to make the most of the sunshine, so cracked on with the garden. I know it's late Joanne, but I have finally planted the bulbs you gave me - thank you!! You never know, they might come up this year (always the optimist) - if not it'll be a lovely surprise next year.

Craft day was a toughie. I was sad, so not my normal self, and the long day loomed ahead ominously. It was a heavy one as well, with Dawn being on without much time inbetween shows. It did me good though, as the normality of it all got me back into the swing of things, and the lovely wonderful Paula came in to help, and covered for me so I could get home a little earlier. We all managed to have a laugh as well, it's damn good to laugh isn't it!

Apart from that things have been trotting on as normal. I was on air today with Charlie, who behaved with his micro dots (Dawn will never forgive him for ruining hers!!), and made a pretty good pop-up card. Been working, trying to crack on with my Uni stuff - and stuff!! Haven't got a clue what I've been doing actually.......mmmmmmm. Oooh, haven't been on here since the show with Tim and Suze (name dropping or what!). It was great, love watching them both in action. It's Nicky's Birthday at the weekend, so off buying his pressie tomorrow, then my sister's 30th on the 9th - party time!! It's a fancy dress, any idea's anyone? I wanted Nicky to be Forest Gump, and I could be Jenny, but he's having none of it. I love Forest Gump, boring sod eh. I'll get him in a wig of some description.

Well, I'm going to load some photo's on the Flickr account of cards and pages I've been working on recently (just to prove I have been doing something!!). I hope my posting hasn't been to sad, I know sadness can sometimes been misconstrued and interpreted as negativity, and there's times you feel you have to shut it all away and pretend your all happy and wonderful (which can sometimes have a positive effect and lift you out of it) but I think to shut it all away can just be bottling up trouble for a later day, so you lucky readers... I'm sharing!! I am looking forward, my plans to do a parachute jump to raise money for SANDS and When you Wish Upon a Star are striving ahead, even the advert scares me - hahaha. If people have sponsored me I'll have to do it though won't I!! That's the plan. Wonder how many people have accidents of the bowel/bladder variety when jumping out of the plane? I think I may leave you with that thought xxxxxx I know, how rude......