Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Another crafty day

Well, that Dawn Bibby was full of a cold today wasn't she - I kept my distance. Only joking, she did really well to get through the show, she was full of the snuffles. Hope she's okay for the weekend - demo weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. I've got some lurvely stamps to work with, and sprays to make a mess of course. Super. It's great seeing all the Topaz totty (the girls), and our regular customers, who I hardly see anymore.

Had to get the train into work today, the cars in having lots of bits and bobs done to make it legal (how dull). Can you believe I missed my stop as I was reading about slow worms and lizards laying their eggs in my compost heap! Riveting stuff you know. Learnt how to make a ladybird and solitary bee house (separate ones, they don't bunk up together).

Still not got my photo's on, my camera's playing up so have to download the pic's via my printer - it's a farce really, so not many photo's being sorted. I've got my ATC club to crack on with anyway - so better get cracking hadn't I. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the wonderful light evenings


Anonymous said...

Just popped by to say`Hi` Leonie...Loverly to see you doing well my loverlyone:)Have a great craft weekend:)♥

Hazel (Didos) said...

Poor Dawn she should have been having a duvet day. Must find out aboput the ladybird house. We had bumble bee's last summer under our shed. It was brill watching them so busy all the time. Hope you enjoy the weekend, Hazelxo

sharon said...

Hi Leonie - Enjoyed watching you this morning. I think you should definatly get a pond! I love mine! It's so relaxing watching the little fishes swim around. As I type this there is a frog leaving her frogs spawn on top of the plants! xx

Leonie pujol said...

Hi lovely ladies,

Great to hear from you all, aww Terrie you are sweet. And Hazel and Sharon, I see my love of all things wingy, slimey and fishy are shared with you two. I've only got a really small garden out the back, and a slightly larger one on the front. I was thinking of making a pond using a tin case we have picked up (putting a liner in, and maybe packing it out around inside with soil to help with insulation). The front I could get a small, but "proper" pond I recon! How exciting - Nicky's worried he won't have any room left in the garden to sit - I'll make him a little perch next to the pond - and a little hat and pretend fishing rod (you get the picture).

Anonymous said...

Hey Leonie just love reading your blogs also watching you on QVC you are so refreshing to watch& can tell you love crafting too.I didn't realise you'd moved to Canterbury I am but a stones throw away from you in Broadstairs, I visit Canterbury lots as I love it there.Good luck with your Rhubarb & veg swapping too.
Luv Delphy