Sunday, 22 March 2009

Carded out......

I'm ready, let trend week and a TSV commence.........or am I!!!

Didn't manage to get to Olympia this weekend (did you pluck up the courage to visit Dawn, Fab, I hope so). I was in my little room, micro dots a frenzy, mega cardmaking! Hopefully got everything done on the list (nearly had kittens when I found 4 kits to work on today which I'd completely forgotten about!! oops).

I've packed my little bag, as I'm in with Dawn and JJ tomorrow, then staying over at the hotel tomorrow night and Tuesday night. I love staying at their hotel - I'm so easily pleased, it always feels like a little holiday! JJ won't let me pinch the magazines from the room though (spoil sport), but I'm happy with the shampoo and the fab body lotion.

Weird thing happened today, Dylan was barking, so I went to the door and there was a lady and my little Teela. Appartently Teela had gone for a walk round the block - on her own. How scary is that, we live so close to a busy main road. The poor lady who followed her home must have thought I was mad, I just stood there looking stupid, as I couldn't work out how she'd got out. What a lovely woman though, she must have followed her in her car to our house, and wanted to check she was my dog. I think I must have shut her out when I was topping up the bird feeder. Why she decided to have a walk round the block is a mystery. I'm just so relieved she came home and was safe. Urgh, to scary to think about isn't it. I've no idea how I did that though - I am seriously losing the old marbles.

That said, better get to bed as it's a very early start tomorrow, especially after the horrid traffic last week, can't take any risks! I'll tuck Teela in - make sure she's happy to be home and doesn't try and leave again!



Fab said...

Hi Leonie, don't worry I've done that with our dog once, well my dad's dog as he was his favourite, my sister and I were well below the picking order from Benji. I still don't know how he managed but my father came back from work and found him in the street happily going about his business. LOL

Dawn probably told you already, yes I made it and it was a magical day ! Dawn is super mega wonderful ! Now I know why you work for her...I'd work for her for free ! wink

The only person missing was you, Leonie! But next time you're somewhere signing book or in a Craft Fair I'll come and visit you too ! (I'll bring the ATC book for you to sign ! LOL

I also have an idea about an ATC challenge but will write to you to your email direct.


Melanie Marshall said...

Oh no you locked the doggy out!! LOL what are you like. I can't wait to see you on QVC.. it is like crafting with an old friend when you are on.. chatting away and making jokes but always demonstrating the products well.

Good luck xx