Tuesday 15 July 2008

Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre - QVC event

Just got a quick chance to do a very speedy blog update (we are still in the process of moving - been at it since Friday, there's an awful lot of craft stuff!!). I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who came to the QVC event, it was lovely meeting everyone, we had a great time.

It was great working with PI again, this time for Kathy, who was lovely. And watch out for Claire and Kirsty (the DO girls), they are both fantastic to get on with and their work is great, I've popped a link to Kirsty's blog (but I'm sure most of you may have already visited - very inspirational). Have a look on the DO web site to find more about Claire and her work.

Now at this point I could continue to waffle about everyone being lovely, but it will sound like I'm doing an award speach at the oscars!! I will just say it was great.

Now my blog has been a little neglected, I'm sorry. I haven't managed to reply to any of your kind comments or keep up with the fab Friday. Hopefully we should (well we have to be) out of our old house and completely in the new one on Friday. It may take a couple of weeks to get us on line (gulp, withdraw systems setting in), but I'll find a way!

Keep you comments flowing in and when the boxes are cleared I'll be able to have a lovely time reading and visiting your blogs.

Monday 7 July 2008

Thank You.....

to Sarah, David and Peggy, and all the lovely people I met at the weekend signing my book and having a brilliant time demonstrating with Sarah's fabulous spritzers. It was so good to be meeting people and demoing again. Everyone was so friendly, and Sarah and David were fantastic hosts and friends. If you haven't already checked out Sarah's work you need to, it's truly inspirational (I've popped her details on my link list but just Google Sarah Lawrence). Her wealth of knowledge is hugh, and it made me want to try a thousand new things - especially after seeing her workshop!

Needless to say I've picked up a few new items which I'm itching to have a play with. Shopping is ace isn't it!

I'm now on the 8th day of my work marathon, finishing on Friday with the Queens Conference. Had a good day today on air with Craig, we had a 2 hour craft outlet, with lots of bargains, which went really well. Love the 1lb of paper if anyone managed to pick that up. I've always loved handmade papers, but have always been terrible at buying the massive sheets, then having trouble storing them, so they have become ragged. The paper 1lb gives you loads of variety and is small enough to actually use and store. My nails still had a bit of a yellow tinge from the weekend (from the inks of course), but I think that added to the effect!

I must pop on a massive apology to my ATC club members, time has not been on my side, and now I'm attempting to pack boxes for the move. My aim is to completely catch up next week when we are in our new house, as we have a couple of Tuesday's off, so should have plenty of time.

A Week of Crafting at QVC - our Gill and Mary helping set up

and busy on air

My fab weekend away at Crafty Notions, just some of the ladies who came to chat and share wonderful idea's (thank you again to Shelagh for her scumptuous sizzling soldering technique (watch this space.......)

Sarah and just two of the wonderful ladies from Crafty Notions

Friday 4 July 2008


Well, I planned to do a proper blog entry with photo's today, but I'm whacked so going to chill out tonight. Really sorry, I haven't put the Fab Friday Challenge on either - it's been so busy I haven't had time to think outside our QVC box - hopefully will be able to get back to normal next week.

It's been a great week, really nice seeing Gill from Kanban, our Gill and Mary from Topaz, and Sara today (and Dawn and JJ of course!). We have been busy little bee's but it's been great.

Tomorrow I'm off to do book signings and play with some lovely craft stuff with Sarah Lawrence, there will be some wonderful demonstations by Sarah and I belive Liz Welch will also be there, both fabulous to watch and learn from. I'm really looking forward to it, and hope to see some of you there.

Just a quick house update, we didn't get the "dream" house, had to go for our second option, which unfortunately doesn't have any character, and the crafting on the lawn will definately have to go on a back burner - but it's big enough and close to Canterbury. I'm over the disappointment, and now looking forward to moving, but also keep getting really upset. Nicky asked if we should take the shelves and it set me off crying! I think it's been a good thing being so busy this week, otherwise I may have been a blubbering wreck. I'm looking forward to having a bigger craft room, and been having a look at Paula's storage solutions blog for idea's, certainly can't plan what to do with the garden now - we'd be hard pushed to swing the cat round it. It's also exciting planning all the new places to visit, and Canterbury has some lovely old pubs.......mmmm.

Well, I better pack my back for tomorrow, and work out where I'm going. I'll pop photo's on from last week soon.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

QVC Craft Week.....continues

We're on Wednesday already!! Doesn't it fly.
It was a late one last night so this is a speedy post again just to load on some more photo's using the dog and cat kit. Hopefully I'll be able to have a proper look at the comments you have been making, and have a look at your cards.

Gill from Kanban was Dawn's guest yesterday, she does some fabulous designing for them, and it was lovely to see her again. She over-came any nerves to do a fab job on the telly.

I'm the guest today, oooooooh get me!! So, better try and slap on the war paint eh, and find something to wear that doesn't need ironing cos I'm running late.........

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Decoupage Day

Well, yesterday was decoupage day, and all our hard work paid off. My favourite kits were the dogs and cats (I'll pop on a few cards later this week). This is a quick post, as I'm setting off in a min for day two of the Crafting Week, I was stamping until late last night so a little bit sleepy today. At least I wasn't in QVC with Dawn and JJ though (had a sneaky peek at the new crop-a-dile, want one!).

Hope your enjoying the sun and the crafting

Bit of a boring photo, but when doing a heap of decoupage I found these to be the best scissors to use. The small snipper pair are great for the really fiddley bits, whilst the larger scissors are great for the bigger pieces and do not give you sore fingers (a big thank you to Paula as she gave me those). A definate must for your crafting bag if your a decoupage fan.