Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Decoupage Day

Well, yesterday was decoupage day, and all our hard work paid off. My favourite kits were the dogs and cats (I'll pop on a few cards later this week). This is a quick post, as I'm setting off in a min for day two of the Crafting Week, I was stamping until late last night so a little bit sleepy today. At least I wasn't in QVC with Dawn and JJ though (had a sneaky peek at the new crop-a-dile, want one!).

Hope your enjoying the sun and the crafting

Bit of a boring photo, but when doing a heap of decoupage I found these to be the best scissors to use. The small snipper pair are great for the really fiddley bits, whilst the larger scissors are great for the bigger pieces and do not give you sore fingers (a big thank you to Paula as she gave me those). A definate must for your crafting bag if your a decoupage fan.


carley duff creations said...

award waiting for you xxxx at my blog

Anonymous said...

`Wonderful` as always look forward to two weeks of fabulous crafting:)