Friday 4 July 2008


Well, I planned to do a proper blog entry with photo's today, but I'm whacked so going to chill out tonight. Really sorry, I haven't put the Fab Friday Challenge on either - it's been so busy I haven't had time to think outside our QVC box - hopefully will be able to get back to normal next week.

It's been a great week, really nice seeing Gill from Kanban, our Gill and Mary from Topaz, and Sara today (and Dawn and JJ of course!). We have been busy little bee's but it's been great.

Tomorrow I'm off to do book signings and play with some lovely craft stuff with Sarah Lawrence, there will be some wonderful demonstations by Sarah and I belive Liz Welch will also be there, both fabulous to watch and learn from. I'm really looking forward to it, and hope to see some of you there.

Just a quick house update, we didn't get the "dream" house, had to go for our second option, which unfortunately doesn't have any character, and the crafting on the lawn will definately have to go on a back burner - but it's big enough and close to Canterbury. I'm over the disappointment, and now looking forward to moving, but also keep getting really upset. Nicky asked if we should take the shelves and it set me off crying! I think it's been a good thing being so busy this week, otherwise I may have been a blubbering wreck. I'm looking forward to having a bigger craft room, and been having a look at Paula's storage solutions blog for idea's, certainly can't plan what to do with the garden now - we'd be hard pushed to swing the cat round it. It's also exciting planning all the new places to visit, and Canterbury has some lovely old pubs.......mmmm.

Well, I better pack my back for tomorrow, and work out where I'm going. I'll pop photo's on from last week soon.


sharon said...

Oh bless you! Don't forget that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do so you are allowed to blub! You need to do what I'm going to do tonight - chill out watching Big Brother!!

caroline said...

have really enjoyed qvc this week the mini series was great,even had my parents in their late 70's watching for hints and tips...great seeing the products and getting hints and tips and lots of fab ideas...lovley to see you,.... and all the other guests too,hope another is done.

sorry you didnt get your dream house but im sure youll both love your new home...and good luck to new beginings... ((x))

Anonymous said...

Leonie - sorry to hear you didn't get your dream house! You will love Canterbury! I have happy memories of visiting the beautiful Cathedral with my Nan. Hope you enjoy your day,
love Alison xx

Gail said...

Congrats on the new house.

Loved reading your blog will be back.

ankyonline said...

interesting blog

Maureen said...

Hi Leonie - it was lovely talking to you today at Sarah's, you look different somehow and as I said it was the 'voice' that made me look twice - great to meet you - Hope you enjoyed your weekend in Newark. - maureen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie

Many thanks for today, Carolyn & I really enjoyed your demos, knowledge & the fun, enjoy your soldering iron & I haope the course goes really well
Shelagh Folgate

Anonymous said...

well at least you will still be in the area and theres plenty of nice dog walks here . Really enjoyed last weeks shows and looking forward to goodies coming in the post.