Wednesday, 19 September 2007

I've had a re-vamp on the old blog page, and updated my flicker account with some of my ATC members cards.

I've decided to add just one or two cards to the blog, and put more on the flicker account, as it is easier to view them there. I hope everyone has a look, please let me know if you have any problems accessing the page.

I have recently been getting inspired by Somerset Studio's magazine. This is a fantastic publication from the States, I have treated myself to a subsciption as part of my Birthday pressie. Definately recommend it - I have yet to put down the magazine and start crafting though. I'll pop any results on here for you to see (I'm wondering what I can chop up and "alter" around the house !).


Anonymous said...

Just popping by to say 'Hello' to you Leonie. You've just completed a 2 hour show with Catherine and it really relaxed me after an hour in an MRI scnner this morning - NOT my idea of fun. Rather be crafting but the sedative hasn't worn off yet.

I'd like to join the ATC club and will send my cheque in soon.

You do a FANTASTIC job on QVC. My hubby took me to a Hobbycraft store yesterday. I only spent a small amount because I would rather buy the kits from QVC but it was nice to actually see some of the things for real. It was very satisfying looking at the various techniques and thinking 'I can do that!' A couple of years ago, I'd have been overwhelmed. QVC has allowed me to get involved at my own pace.

If you have time to visit my blog, you'll see I am having to craft more than write at present due to the creeping horrors of MS - but QVC and crafting are really getting me through it all. And my husband. And chocolate.

Carry on being a warm, natural INSPIRATION to us all!

PS I was 52 on 31st August AND it was our second wedding anniversary! A shared birthday, I believe.

Gillian McMurray said...

Somerset Studio magazines are great. I bought a few back issues recently and look through them time and time again. I feel a subscription might be in order for my birthday too.