Friday, 8 August 2008


There's still boxes - everywhere. OH (other half, or DB darling boyfriend, sometimes PITB pain in the bum) is starting to get a little grumpled with the lack of room space. Thing is he can't sort out the boxes as I've got a place for everything, it's just finding that place as other boxes are in the way. Apart from not being able to move properly, we have settled in quickly and liking our new home. Canterbury is lovely, we have found fab walks for the dogs with plenty more to discover. As I write Dylan is throwing round an apple and pouncing on it - we live near an orchard so they pick up the fallen apples. They are in their element, and I'm happy - must be good for their teeth.

Canterbury has it's own Festival in October. There's so much going on, we can even go on a Fungi Foray walk and learn Fire and Bushcrafting!! How cool. There's live music, theatre, art.......all very inspirational.

We're renting now which is a bonus when you lock yourself out, as the letting agent has a spare key!! Hooray (yep, we've been here just a few weeks and I've already locked myself out - duh!!).



♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Lol!! What are you like?!! ^.^

Glad you're settling in ok in your new home xx

Anonymous said...

so glad youve made it to canterbury
Im in Herne Bay so its great to think of you as a neighbour Hope you settle in quickly and enjoy your course