Friday, 29 August 2008


I'm going to start by a big sorry, feel like I've deserted my little blog without so much as a word of explanation. I'm afraid we were hit by another computer "thing" and it all crashed. This time I have been a little prepared, and had any important things saved on disc, but we had to take it to a computer doctor, who has treated my little computer to some new rams - or sheep!! Who knows, it didn't cost the earth and my computer works, so whatever the nice man did it's terrific!!

We have also had a TSV, and then lots of days out with visiting family. My mum and Neil came down, then Nicky's mum and Michael - so we have had a great time taking everyone around our new neighbourhood. It's a brilliant way of discovering new places and things. Need to get my dad and sister down next........more days out - hooray.

Well that's excuses over. Now the important stuff......our hedgehog has stopped visiting!! We're quite distraught (even bought a hedgehog house, I know it's daft but it's well cute).

We bought him cat food - and stopped giving him milk, but he's gone. I just hope he's found a nicer place to live.

We went for a walk round Reculver (near Hearne Bay), and saw this pair of feet amongst the grasses. The owner resting in the sun, hidden from the breeze. We thought it looked quite funny, but the week after the feet were there again - exactly the same spot. We had to have a nosey to make sure the owner was actually just relaxing!!

Teela and Dylan, relaxing in their new home - think they have settled in.


Anonymous said...

Reculver Now thats very near me here we have our last trip of the
summer holidays yesturday but will keep an eye open for those feet when next there . Glad you are enjoying our part of the world

Anonymous said...

Cute hedgehog! Can't believe he moved on - he obviously didn't know when he was well off!! Looks like you are all getting settled in your lovely new home!! Great photos Leonie, TFS! xx