Saturday, 27 April 2013

You Tube video's and voucher reminder!!

Hey crafters, how are you on this fine morning (well, I think it's fine, I'm sitting in the studio at work at the mo, so haven't seen the weather in a while!).  I hope you are all well.

Just in case you haven't found the You Tube video's yet, I thought I would share the link with you on here.  There are more being edited, so will be ready for you to have a look at soon - and please have a look at the older ones as well.  The most recent have all been using the Melt Pot.  I love this little machine, it has of course been around years, but has been having a resurgence - which I'm really happy about.  It's lovely to see so many people digging their melt pots out and discovering all the things you can do with it.  I think because there are so many silicone products on the market now as well (not just craft stuff, but baking things), it means we can do even more wonderful things with our UTEE.

I have been posting photo's and simple instructions, but if you would like to see the video's the links are here:

Now, I also wanted to remind all the ladies and gentlemen who joined myself and Debbi on our workshop that you have a voucher to spend.  I haven't put a deadline on this, but I normally forget all about vouchers, and never use them, which is such a waste.  You should have received an email from Debbi with the code which you need to enter when you are checking out on my web site.  If you haven't received the email, please let me know and I can send the code to you (please note, this is only for those who came to the workshop - sorry everyone else!!).

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