Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sands Skydive - finally the video!!!!

This posting has been way to long in the posting. 2012 had some brilliant moments, the biggest and best for me was the skydive we did for Sands. It was the first time I'd spoken/written properly about Jacob, so it meant such a great deal that I had such an amazing team willing to jump with me, the wonderful Dee to organise everything, and then everyone out there who kindly and generously donated. I was staggered by the amount we raised: £9647.50. Isn't that fantastic. So, to my team thank you. Dee, you are born to organise (anyone needed an event planner, she is the lady, you can find her on LinkedIn under her full title: Denise Fitzsimmons), and everyone who donated - you have helped parents in a time of life that is so devastating it can be hard to know how you will ever be okay again.

I promised I would pop on the video - how long has it taken!! I know, I'm rubbish. But here it is!! It makes me nervous watching it. The first bit are random people being chucked out aeroplanes to advertise the school. Then it's my turn. You see us getting suited up, just notice I start trotting off to the plane without an instructor! Mmmm, slightly over confident there eh - even the steps to the plane made me nervous. There's a few in front of me, and then you will see the girl go out first with a camera on her head, my first instructor goes out and stands outside the plane to my left, and the second instructor is in the plane on my right. We have to jump at the same time, as obviously they are initially holding me, so I can't wimp out otherwise it makes it tricky for everyone else! They hold on to special fastenings on the suit. This helps stabilise me, so they can check my body position and advise me how I need to adjust. I have to do the count, and then I release the parachute. And then that's me...on my own in the clouds (not for long, I'm soon on my own in the middle of a wheat field!!). The landing needed work.

What an experience.

I hope you enjoy.......who's coming along this year??


Vee Cassidy said...

Well done, girl! You gave me a bit of a turn on the rewind section before I clicked!! love, Vee x x

Anonymous said...

Well done. Leonie. it looked scary
you will have to take Dawn with you next time xx

chezzybabe said...

well done m8 greta amount raised xxx

BarbaraG said...

Well done Leonie, you're a brave girl, I couldn't do it.
hugs, Barbara x