Wednesday, 21 December 2011


They have beaten me! I've been wrapping for hours I tell you...but there's more. Is this because I have bought the contents of John lewis (my lottery winning dream), or could it be that I faff. You know it....

It means of course my cards are not done. I made 3. 3 more than last year, granted, but how very pathetic. And I haven't managed to get the 3 I made posted. I drive myself mad.

However, on a very big happy note, after being skint for many many years, now being able to buy pressies for my nearest and dearest is lovely. I've really been able to treat my little sister which is brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to spending a lovely Christmas with my wee family.

I'm in work before then, and will definitely share some photo's of some crafty moments :) and maybe the production crew in jim jams!!

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Kathryn said...

Aw Leoni don't stress it x it's Xmas and I don't mind if you haven't sent me one ;) lol xx enjoy xx

Bobbie Jones said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - chill out - have fun!!!

Linda Jones said...

Leonie, Have a WONDERFUL Christmas & I wish you much happiness for 2012. You certainly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

`Merry Christmas` to you and yours Leonie..hope your having a lovely day :) x

Billie said...

Hi Leonnie

Mery Christmas, hope you're having a wonderful time. So glad you can buy the gifts you want to for the family.

Thanks so much for reading my email out on the Serif show,for showing my holly gift bags and for picking my name in the later Serif show. The Christmas tree Serif card you sent me was lovely.

I had some digi kits for Craft Artist for Crimbo so I'm going to have lots of fun with that.

Best wishes for 2012

Billie :)

Sue H said...

I hope you,re having a wonderful christmas Leonie. Reading your blogg can really give a day a lift :D
It also lets us all know that we are not the only one's going around in circles but getting nowhere fast!
Still christmas day arrived in my house and everyone enjoyed themselves and didn't notice anything I hadn't done, so at the end of the day being together is what seems to count most.
Happy 2012