Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Goodbye Sarah

Well, I did want to blog about our fantastic GOSH day, and the wonderful Flora, I will do as it was so very inspiring (and my word, gives you a wake up call, anyone complaining about an ache or a pain - shut up!!!)....I wanted to before today, but haven't and now it's today.

Today we said our farewell to our lovely friend Sarah. Her casket was beautiful. It was wicker and cascaded with flowers, which emanated an array of wonderful colour, with which we all remembered Sarah. Colourful and a lover of colour.

It was a lovely service, with Liz reading a piece telling us about Sarah's life. It's with immense sadness we see her depart, but great gratitude we knew her and are still surrounded by her work and inspiration. Last time I visited Sarah and David she gave me a bag of toothbrushes - she'd been given boxes and figured one day they'd come in handy! I found them last week and had a little cry - over a bag of toothbrushes. Who'd have thought. Now, my challenge is do something with them!! Thanks Sarah. If only she'd been given lots of watch parts or something.

It was lovely remembering Sarah, we smiled and laughed, which is how it should be - and now our heart goes out to her family who are very much in our thoughts x

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Fab said...

So sorry for your loss Leonie, lots of hugs xoxoxoxo

pab1944 said...

so sad when we have to say goodbye to someone but god needs all kinds of people as his helpers good or bad, young or old
Pauline B

Simone said...

I think a whole bunch of toothbrushes is a wonderful thing to receive! You can choose to do something creative with them or just never have to buy a toothbrush again! I read the eulogy, which was a lovely tribute. x