Friday 8 August 2014

Thursdays day

Morning crafters, hope alls well. It's another early shift for me, so I'm writing on the hoof (walking the dogs). It's so peaceful, and I swear the rabbits are getting braver, managed to get quite close today. Thankfully the dogs don't seem bothered about chasing them.

Well, yesterday was another lovely day, so I thought I'd share a few photos. Leanne and myself kicked off the day with brand new dies from crafters companion. Had a smashing show. Love working with Leanne, it's always fun and energetic. 

Next was the lovely Liz, with the ace new gadget from our steph. Have you seen it, the bowmaker? Honestly, it should win best new product of the year, it's such a good idea. 

I did two screen tests, really nice ladies who were both really really good - even got given my own manga bunny!! 

Finally my first show with Christina. It's been her very first week on air, but you definitely wouldn't think so, she has done amazing. And obviously the dies were beautiful. I've popped loads of photos on the c&c Facebook page, but wanted to share a few here for the folk who don't use faceache :)

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