Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Crumpled Corner Day

Urgh, its been one of those days. The kit I picked to work on had already been "distressed" by the dog when it had been delivered by the postie (the teeth mark effect wasn't one I was going for!!). I could not find one piece of brown card, and then each piece of card I seemed to pick was creased, and I have put my photo's somewhere silly, so had to start printing again. Okay, not really any trauma's there at all, so just a crumpled corner day, but annoying all the same. Winge over........
At one point today I thought to myself "I think I've lost my Mojo", funny what definitions we give to words without really knowing what they mean! I decided to look it up, do you know its an African -American word, it was a little drawstring bag which was worn as a type of charm to give protection or luck, obviously filled with various magical items. So I don't think I've lost my Mojo after all!! Phew

We were in QVC yesterday and met a lovely lady called June. She was the winner of the Breast Cancer Auction to spend a day with Dawn (she got me and JJ chucked in as well!!). It was a lovely day, we had the show as usual (with me and June making cards in the wings) then went out for a meal,Catherine also joined us. June seemed to have a good time, and we really enjoyed her company. We did have to go back in for a show at 10pm, but we were all light-hearted (but full bellied), so it flew by.

I have decided to do a weekly Blog Only challenge, it will be an ATC one and you can load your pictures onto your site, flickr or photobucket then pop a link on my blog. I thought it would be good as we can share the visual images then trade the actual card. I have a few idea's, but will make one or two cards then start the challenge on Friday. I have looked at various blogs with challenges and really like the idea, so thought I'd join in. Hope there are a few of you out there who are not challenged-out and will join in!

My last musing was where my crafting "career" began, we were chatting about it last night and it made me reminisce. My sister and I went all over the place doing craft fairs, we had a great time (although sometimes I'm sure I was hard work - especially when I got my day wrong and we'd turn up at the venue to find the craft fair had been on the day/week before haha). I dug out some of my little teddy keyrings which I used to make and sell at Craft Fairs. I quite miss working with Fimo, so think I may have to dig some out and have a play. I used to love the detail you could achieve. Anyhow, thought I'd pop on a photo of my box of bears.



Momiji said...

hi leonie..those teddies are just so cute!
..... must find out how to do this flickr thing!

Anonymous said...

Yeh,was only saying to my 'crafty friend' Sharon that I hadn't worked out how to comment on individual ATC's on the Flicker.... so if we are going to join in with the weekly blog you will have to explain ( in great detail ?!) to us 'computer illiterates' exactly how it's done ??
Loved the teddies....... but can't go off on the "Fimo" track aswell or my husband would have to leaave home to make room for all the stuff.... so quit musing ???!!!
Love Mary xx

sharon said...

It does sound a bit technical! But I'm sure we can manage!!! Sounds fun!
Love Sharon

Leonie pujol said...

Moning ladies,
mmmmmm, now I come out with these fancy idea's and the truth is I'm not to sure how to do it!! Oops. I'll have a look into it so when I launch it I can be more helpful (might not be Friday after all!!).

Haha, I'll quit the musing Mary, don't want to be responsible for having your hubby kicked out onto the streets

Leonie pujol said...

I've just had a quick look on Flickr, you can set up an account easily, and you can do one for free (whoopee). It is very easy to add your photo's to your Flickr, and then when you leave a comment on my blog you would pop your link to your flickr page.

If you want to comment on any cards already on flickr, just click on the photo until it brings a page up which will show the requested image and a box that will allow you to comment.

I hope this helps

sharon said...

Oh my word!!
In the time since my last post I have set up my own blog and flickr account and linked them all together! I am feeling very proud of myself and think I will open a packet of hob nobs to celebrate!
Thanks for the inspiration Leonie!!!
Love Sharon (again!)

Leonie pujol said...

Well done Sharon, go for it!! Are you a favourite of the original Hob Nob, or a chocolate coated?

Anonymous said...

"Hi" Leonie...I hate crumpled papers Days...was great to see you on QVC..great day as always....
Look forward to seeing what you have in store:)

daisy said...

Lately I've become an ickle craft challenge addict, so I hope to join in yours when it starts :o)

It's a long while since I have sent you any swaps. Sorry hun.

Anonymous said...

Look foward to your challenge Leonie!!!

Becky said...

Love your keyrings leonie, just disappointed that the one showing didn't have my name on it :0)! Look forward to joining in with your ATC challenge :0)xx