Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Did I make you jump? It's been a while again hasn't it, I know, sorry. Not felt much like writing to be honest, you know how it is - moody bird at the moment and don't want to bore you all with my woes, it's nothing new - just the same old "been dumped and feeling very pooey" drama!! I know, it'll be right in time, and there's so many worse things going on out there isn't there, so I've no place to whinge - so I will jolly well shut up now......

On the up side work is still fab. They are being great with me, I'm getting loads of training, which is brilliant. We have had two new presenters start, Sarah and Lottie. Not met Lottie yet, but met Sarah and she is lovely. Feel lots of glasses of wine and chat to be had with Sarah. We have also won the Crafts Beautiful award for best shopping tv channel!! Hooray. How good is that. And Steph has won the best all round card maker. Very exciting. It's more important as it's voted for by the viewers, which is such a big vote of confidence for Create and Craft - so thank you to everyone out there who cast your vote our way. Brilliant.

Now then, I've popped my dates on for this week, and also I hope you will be able to visit me at a shop demo up North! Dead excited, hope to see lots of familiar faces. The details are below, I'll be having a play with messy inks and brill stamps, so getting stuck in as ever:

Demo's will start at 10am, and you need to pop along to:

Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus
Unit 1 Capitol Centre


You will have seen the girls on Create and Craft, so there will be quite a few familiar faces, and lots of crafty goodies as well.

Okay folks, I'll try and cheer up and get posting more regularly. Hey, didn't tell you me and my sis went to see the Prodigy!! What a excellent night that was. Oh hum, I'm driving round with music blaring out of my car like a boy racer now - sad quite frankly!!


Diane said...

Glad to see you posting again Leonie, I was wondering if you were ok. Keep your chin up girl!!


Anonymous said...

Leonie..i ve so missed your blogs but do understand why you have nt felt in the mood to write.I know you ve heard it all before,but things will get better for you andone day you will meet somebody who will make you really happy. Til then..keep your chin up girl !! Hope to see you in Preston next week

lesleyanne said...

good to see you posting again
have missed you
lesley xx

turquoise said...

aww leonie dont be so hard on yourself you are still in the early days of being dumped. When my ex husband dumped me i ranted and raved and cried for britain all at the one time lol. So if you need to get it off your chest feel free. You are so lovely and such a breath of fresh air on create and craft great decision you made there love your shows your enthusiasm for craft is wonderful dont ever loose that.
At least your just driving with music on I used to drive with head out window cursing others lol could have landed me in a lot of bother but they kept away from mad psycho woman
Now im over him and dating again and having so much fun


Crafting Queen said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your job. Only wish I lived near Preston for your demo. Have lots of fun. Life will get better. Anesha :-)

Unknown said...

Well done on the awards. You didn't say what date (or I missed it) for the demos up north. I have plans to visit the shop soon as I know it opens next week :)

Lynnda said...

Leonie, sorry to hear you are still feeling down even sorrier to hear your times for Saturday as I am on at 10am!! so I won't even get chance to talk off air with you ahhh! such a shame as I would love to share a programme with you.
Hope to get to meet you SOON

Karen said...

Big hugs to you Leonie xxxx

Well done for winning those awards, that's great news :) Enjoy your demos, wish I lived nearer so I could come and watch but sadly being in Torquay is too far away :(

Joanne said...

Oh! and there's me thinking your computer had failed again. You need a big hug and a massive dose of Northern chatter. My pal and I will give you both on Tuesday. Hey, either bring or get making some ATCs too. See ya. xxxxxxxxxx

glitter said...

good to see you back. chin up girl time for wine and cake

Traceys-Crafts said...

Sending {{Hugs}} Hun. Sometimes it does us good to have some me time, once you are over the feeling down stuff, the good stuff will feel so much better xx. Hopefully try & see you next week xx.

Vince B said...

Big hugz Leonie, I know things can look a bit grim at times but they will get better, keep smiling ike you always do. you're loved by us all.

Vince XX

Anonymous said...

Sending you loads of cyber hugs...been there had it done to...and got over it in time.Know you will to..take care xx

Sian xx

topsyjane said...

I have just got my invite for Inspirations so I hope I will see you there,can,t make 10.am though we are too far away

Karen J said...

Big hugs for you Leonie .. get the wine out girl and get the Prodigy turned right up!!! Seen them twice and they never fail to uplift me no matter what mood I'm in. Went to see them in Bridlington last Friday and I'm still on a high!! xxx

Trish said...

Good to see you posting again, life does get better honestly. Hope to see you at Cardcraft + Trish:)