Monday, 11 January 2010


Not been posting have I, sorry! I've been having a few roller coaster moments in regard to the emotions, so not been very chatty as far as my blogs concerned - I've saved all my chat for telly - you need alot of it on there!

Getting abit sick of the snow, it seems to have followed me round since Christmas, but at least I've been able to get round, there's people been completely stuck hasn't there - and the pavements are lethal so I've no idea how older people are getting on. We have been visiting the Gramps (Gran and Grandad), with provisions to make sure they're okay, Gran always has a list.

Work has been great. I've been having more training with the fantastic Ellis, it's really interesting to watch your shows with someone else who can advice and watch it without cringing! Urgh, painful I tell you - watching myself that is.

Okay, I'm going to pop my times on for next week - oops no this week. That's as far as I know so far, so I will put my other times and dates on asap.

I hope all's well with everyone out there, and the snow isn't causing to much disruption.


Amanda said...

Been keeping an eye out here to see how you are. Its good to get some time with family over christmas. Emotions, blow them lol, tis a shame they happen but hey, in the end they make you feel better. You take care, buy some skis! My elderly friend has not left the house since about a week before christmas, she wouldnt go out when the shops were so busy, and since then its been snow! Good to read your blogabilities again!


Unknown said...

Hi Leonie, Nice to see you back on the box... I think goodbye 2009 - hope things better in 2010. Training - I think you are one of the most natural presenters on the channel - I LOVE watching you - with a constant grin on my face usually - you're a woman after my own heart... I love your style - you could teach others a thing or two!!!

Anyway, hope you'll be able to blog a little bit more - we're listening (following).

Take care,

Paula, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Max said...

Keep your chin up Leonie.
You've proven you're a survivor on more than one occasion and you just keep bouncing back. You're a huge inspiration to others, myself included and I hope 2010 brings you success and happiness by the bucketload.


craftyhils said...

Hey Leo....found the antidote to the weather..gone to Tenerife.Must admit I miss being able to see you on the's been like having a friend come to visit!
All the very best for the coming must remember that you have a zillion friends and supporters [some you've met ,some you haven't] who are all rooting for you.
Keep that lovely smile going, Leo!
Kind Regards Hilary in Fair Oak {usually!}

Sarah xx said...

Hi Leonie, just wanted to drop you a line to say I have been in a similar place over the last month or so. The rollercoaster is a necessary evil but I really feel I want to get off it now, just not sure how. Everything looks pretty bleak at the moment! You are lively and bubbly and have a lot of support and the best job ever to help get you thru - thank goodness we have our craft eh?? Keep you chin up girly! xxx