Monday, 11 January 2010


don't worry, I'm not in em! Just thought after my last post you might have thought I've been merping around. I'm not, I'm busy and enjoying being at home, so it's onwards and upwards and lots of forward thinking (okay, more tv than normal which is naughty, but hey hoo!). I didn't want everyone to think I was wallowing in my pit of despair (doesn't that sound lovely and dramatic). We haven't time for that have we folks - I've been working on a wax effigy (haha, is that what they're called - only joking honest!).

Righto, got my boots on, going to brave those horrid elements again to get some packing boxes - the beginning of the "big sort" - gulp. Where to start.......


Max said...

As an eternal procrastinator I wish I could find the motivation to get down and do some serious sorting ... but my crafty stash is winking at me sooooo ... maybe tomorrow LOL!
Good luck with your 'big sort' ... and remember "No regrets!"


Sharon Noble said...

LOL Leonie you make me giggle on and off the tv. Wish i could be motivated to want to come over here and sort my stuff i pay well in hot chocolate and chocolate cake *wink*
Be safe in this weather.
hugs Sharon#

oh and ps can you stop learning how to present as well as you are i'm totally SKINT this month *giggle*

Amanda said...

haha...I almost burst into song there..."you start at the very beginning...". I have just spent all afternoon making a directory for my stamps, half way there and on file am I a good girl?

Unknown said...

The wax effigy (sp?) sounds a great idea. I enjoyed the snow (got 4 days off as our school was closed yay!) cos I got to watch your shows. I watched the Stamp Man show yesterday, but wished it was you demo'ing - just your kind of messy crafting. :)

jordiegirl said...

You could make a voodoo doll and stick pins in it - lol!!!!

Best of luck with the sort out. Do you have to move home too or do you just rent and you can stay there?

At least you can do what you like and watch what you like on TV - see there are upsides as well as downsides to break ups!

Anyway, once you've sorted everything you can get on with the rest of your life and a new beginning.

Keep your chin up.

Still loving watching you on C&C, you seem to enjoy meeting all the demonstrators and having a laugh with them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and keeping busy. Getting things sorted is good. A new year and a new you!
I am so glad we are finally on together on thursday too. Just have to remember, it's not just us two gabbing excitedly about everything like we normally do. John says we both have to concentrate! That'll be the day, right?! Lol!

fi said...

Thats what i like Leonie - positive thinking, move forward you never know what will happen or who you may meet in the future.
It all there just move into it.
Good luck with the boxes

sharon said...

Keep your chin up girl. I got a lovely gold envelope in the post today which turned out to be your newsletter! And yes you must stop showing us all these lovely things. you have cost me a fortune since going to C&C! xx

The Taming of the Glue said...

Hi Leonie, forget the wax effigy just use what we've got a lot of at the moment! Make a snowman and chuck loads of snowballs at it. You can individualise it by adding personal items you find when having a clear out!
Love the way you present the C&C progs...don't change a thing.
Take care...Pam xx

HMG101190 said...

Hey Leonie

You don't know me but for a long time now I've felt a connection (keep reading, I'm not a stalker type freak thingy!!) I'm a few weeks late with this comment but I'm going to send it, I hope you don't mind, it's sent with squidgy hugs x
When you lost your Darling Son my heart went out to you, I also lost my Little Man and I'm guessing (well it's not really a guess) but your heart will be broken just like mine and it will never mend and as you will know life isn't the same, time doesn't heal and i suppose the only way i can describe it is you/me/others in the same sad situation, well we all just get used to living life a different way x

And then wham, April last year my fiance of 7 years rang me on a thursday to suggest we go out to lunch saturday & cld I think of somewhere to go, I did, he rang friday, all fine, lunch still on, saturday arrives (I now call it D-day) phone rings 11.30am, 'I can't do this anymore', 'what lucnch' I reply, 'no, me and you' is his response....well,slap me round the head with a wet kipper!! 7 & and a half years and i got dumped over the phone! D-day=dumping day!

I'm still not in a happy place, I know the part of my heart he broke will mend with a band-aid, but like you the bit that will never mend added to that means you sometimes don't feel like you want to give anymore of it for fear of that bit getting hurt too.
I'm like you in so many ways, dippy I'm told (in a nice way they say!), I get excited at the littlest thing, like a brad, I have my baby doggy JJ (not named after certain JJ although I get asked if he is). All I can say is just be how you need to be not how you think you should be, does that make sense?! I'm thinking I need Mr Wrong cos Mr Right just wasn't right!

You have some great friends, I know I'm not one of them, I'm just a stranger or u may be thinking by now that I am freaky stalker woman!!

My Dad always tells me that it won't always be dark at 7, I think he means things will brighten up, I know that some of them will and some of them won't but hey ho, life goes on.

Squidgy hugs x

H xx

Joanne said...

If you get all your sorting done now, you can enjoy the spring when you would normally be having a clear out. After all, who wants to miss the bulbs growing and the birds singing? xxx

Polkadoodles said...

Hey LP
Doldrums shmoldrums, now come on girl we all love u to pull up your big girl knickers and wipe that snot off your sleeve, I dont want any bogeys on my next show with you, right!! And can you please wear "the boots" so I can see them in person please, I feel like they are legendary now! If u ever feel u need a chat just ring me, an hour listening to my drivel will soon cheer you up hun, LMAO! Luv ya loads you mad bird, u did a good job on the PC with my CD yest, didnt cock it up at all, hahaha xx

Sue Boni said...

I almost envy you the sort-out, oh you should see our stuff. I have loads of things besides my crafting stuff - a lot of it rubbish which I can't bare to chuck. My Husband is also a collector of old scientific instruments, which are displayed all over. YUK. You'r going to be fine, your the sort that pulls through! Lots of love Sue

Leigh Haggar said...

Hi Leonie, lovely to see you more often on Create and Craft. You really seem to have fitted in well with the rest of the C&C family.

Are you going to be at the Make It! show at Farnborough next month? Mum and I are both crafters and we would love to come and say Hi!.

All the best and a belated Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hi leonie, you are brilliant on tv , well done love it , and i can tell you do too
thinking of you
carol bignall

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say `Hi` hope your having a loverly weekend:)xxxxxxx

Sara said...

Hi Leonie
You are doing such a great job of entertaining us on C&C and I love your shows - we know you are a true crafter, we know you are a real human being, and I am thrilled to bits to see you out there. It would be lovely if you could do some demos of your own - but hey-ho - you are there and will soon be the new queen of crafts.
Chin up and well well done!!


virgolady said...

Lol Leonie you are doing a great job on C&C and hope your sorting out gave you a new outlook for the new year, you are a tough northern lass and can overcome all your troubles and look onwards and upwards, you are brilliant at your job and always have that wonderful sense of humour that is infectious.
When are you back on tv it's not the same when you are not on, hope it's soon

Vicky said...

Hi Leonie, I usually am a regular reader of your blog but hadn't looked for a couple of months so had a lot of catching up to do. I am so, so sorry to hear about your break up. You have had so much heartache and you are such a lovely person and really deserve to be happy. I'm really pleased that your move to Create & Craft has gone so well and that you're enjoying your work and I really hope that this year will be a really good one for you. Love and hugs, Vicky xxx

Anonymous said...

So if you're not in the doldrums, where the heck are you!?!?

Let us know you're OK leonie, we're worried about ya xxxx

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted for a while I hope everything is ok with you. Let us know how you are doing. Thinking of you.

Mrs Mac said...


I haven't popped by for months so I've just been reading your blog and catching up!!

My mum's health went downhill early Novemeber, and so I've been spending most of my time there, in Sheerness. This week I was able to have some time back home in Colchester and watched some craft shows for the first time in months. I switched on C&C and who pops up but.... WHO??? I thought she was on QVC!! WHAT the?

What a surprise!

Ahh, now I've caught up I understand! And I see your start date was my birthday :) I hope that proves lucky for you. Hehe!

Well back to Sheppey tomorrow... I shall make sure I pack some crafty stuff this time though...

Take care!

SDCrafts said...

Lots of your friends are missing your cheerful online presence, Leonie, and I just want you to know that - thinking daily about you (so, no pessure!) - Shirl