Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tax returns and banana's

Thank you all for your lovely messages from my last post - and just in case I didn't pop it in my post, the demo in Preston is next Tueday (erm, oh my the 2nd Feb!).

Well, as ever I haven't done my tax return. Why do I do this, every year wait till the last min. And now I need them to email my password - which should take seconds surely!! Apparently not. It's my own fault, I will not learn cos I think I like the excitment of trying to avoid the fine!! Mother, I need to get out more. Sitting here trying to avoid eating biscuits by feeding on banana's instead.

Back to work tomorrow, looking forward to it. Hopefully me and Dee will be able to grab a crafty evening as well - hooray. Remembered my camera this time, so I'll get some pics, it's been ages since I posted any photo's hasn't it.

Right, back to my emails, see if there's anything there......come on Mr. Inland Rev....


Roz said...

I only found your blog today (where have I been?!), it's a great read and I read it using your accent too, lol.
I hope your heart is mending...

Love Roz x

Unknown said...

Hate to worry you but you will be VERY lucky to get your password in time.
Hope you do though.

Yvonne x

Sharon Noble said...

Hey hey Leonie , can i just say i love reading your blog its dead chatty and fun even when your not in the best of moods. Hoping the rest of 2010 is much much better for you , You know how much us crafters love ya , Great to see you doing so well on c and c. Give steph congrats from us crafters you know i've never bothered to look and see if she has a blog tut!! Think its just cause i have actually met you a few times not that i think you will remember as you see a million trillion folk, heeeheee thats a lot right lol.. anywaysssssss your hands had been caked in ink nothing new there then huh but you was showing some great thing to do with ATC , At the mills in August time not last year the year before haha does that help oh and lindsay was acroos from you and db was in her other shop. lol anyways it was fun and i learnt a lot but have i tried .. NOPE sorry to say i havent as yet lol look at my blog if you ever get time , I can't keep up with that i blame create and craft and all you presenters making us watch and spend and then have to rearrange the whole blooming room to try and fit our new bits in.
okay must stop rambling on here
have a great evening
Sharon xx

jordiegirl said...

Been missing you on C&C lately, wondered where you were.

You got a new camera then?

My hubby just took his accounts to his accountant last week, but we've had confirmation that accountant has actually done his tax return on line. You must get more organised you don't want to be giving the inland revenue extra dosh - you could be spending it on craft goodies instead.

Did you get a holiday booked?

SDCrafts said...

Just read your timetable and realised I can watch you at 2 while I eat my lunch - this working from home lark has its advantages, despite the MS bit (well, lot, actually).

Keep chugging along Leonie - one day, you'll wake up and realise you've left the baggage cart at the last station - and that's when you leave it there, permanently!

Crafting Queen said...

Have fun with your tax return.:)
Only wish Preston was closer. Have a good day. Anesha:)