Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Papercraft and cardmaking

Hi folks, well I'm on the cover of a magazine!! Wow, check out Papercraft and Card Making, I've done an ATC article - which I really enjoyed doing. Looking forward to seeing it in print (real life!). It was funny, I was just checking out the crafty mags in WH Smith when I saw myself!! Scary......nah it's really exciting, I even called Nicky and made him come up to the shop just to show him!! As usual I forgot what month I was in, so wasn't expecting to see my mug on the shelves.

There's alot of Christmas Crafters out there - Mondays show was so busy!! How organised can you get, certainly something I'll never achieve! It was good, and went so quickly. Next week it's TSV time again, then I'm up North for Dawns residential (got to figure out what I'm doing yet!).

Apart from crafting I've upped the anty on my obsessive bird feeding - it's so cute. The starlings and sparrows are bringing their babies to the feeders and feeding them! They are so cute and fluffy. I've spent far to much time watching them and trying to film them today (actually, got a really annoying habit of thinking I'm filming, but then when I come to pause it realise I haven't turned it on). Wonder if the pigeons will bring their little fluffy things? I'm hoping the neighbourhood cats have got the hint and stopped prowling my garden - it'd be awful if they started hunting the chicks. Do you know 65 million birds are killed by cats each year! I love cats, but they need to be kept in at night, or wear a collar with a bell, especially at this time of year.

Think the blackbirds are feeding their young, they are becoming really demanding for their raisins - Nicky found the female wondering up the hallway (which meant she'd already gone through the kitchen!). Wonder if she could smell the bird food stash.

Nicky has his exam tomorrow for the end of his first year at Uni - gulp. Hope it goes well, I'm sure it will. Fingers and toes crossed.


Fab said...

OMG Leonie how cool is that ! And on the cover to boot ! Well done darling.

I'm in a magazine too and still pinching myself. I think it's the same publishing house too. I'm in Let's Make Cards ! I still can't believe it...LOL

I wish I could have a birdfeeder and see them feeding. I don't have a garden living in a top flat but I really miss having one.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Hours as you know I'm crimbo crazy, I nearly went for two items but soon realised I already purchased them (yep I'm getting senile).

Have fun at the residential ! Hugz XXX

lesleyanne said...

have the mag
very good article
will be coming to your
booksigning in sandwich
have a grat weekend
lesley xx

Joanne said...

Must have a peek at your article, well done. Enjoy the residential. Far too expensive for me I'm afraid but I am going to Lindsay's workshop on the Sunday. You would not believe the number of different birds we have in our garden. I feed all the year round and it's really paying off. Neighbours cats are a real pest. I was spoilt with Toby. He didn't know how to catch birds!! Fabrizio, you can get bird feeders that stick on your window. Go for it.xx

Leonie pujol said...

Hi gang,

Fabrizio, that's brilliant - I'll get the mag and look for you, exciting isn't it! And I agree with Joanne, the window ones are good. I've put some stickers on the windows as well to try and stop the birds slamming into the windows. Luckily we haven't have to many accidents, and no fatalities!

It's a shame I won't see you at the residential Joanne, but you'll have a good time on Lindsay's workshop, I love her work and stamp designs, she's brill.

Really looking forward to the Sandwich do, and it'll be lovely to see you Lesley.