Thursday, 9 October 2008

Halliwells Corporate Challenge

Me being me, I'm running a little late and having problems trying to get my forms set up for my Corporate Challenge.

First, what am I talking about. Well, it's a challenge to raise money for the Princes Trust, please have a look at:

to read all about the challenge and it's aims.

I am raising money craftily, of course. Firstly I need to say a huge thank you to Kathy and everyone from Personal Impressions, who have been fantastic at putting together lots of goodies to auction off.

Soooooo, there will be goodies on sale. This will be by way of auction, I'll let you know when they are up for grabs. Everything is new, in brilliant condition and quality kit, nowt shoddy. In fact I've not wanted to let you have it, but I'm not being greedy, it's for charity after all.

I have also put together a collection of photo's of some crafty folk (Dawn, Rosemary and Nigel, Anna Griffin, Amy, Donna Dewberry, Carol Smith, Catherine Huntley, Clare Curd, Kirsty Wiseman and crafty bloke JJ!) who have also signed a card which will also be auctioned.

To set the ball rolling I have put together a few kits. I have designed some cards, nice and easy, which I have photographed and have made into easy to follow card kits with full instructions, tips and advice. The kits will make 3 cards, not all the components will be identical to the picture, but they will make the same card design. I have tried to keep the kits at a reasonable price, but had to take into account that I do need to raise some dosh! All the proceeds will go to the Princes Trust (apart from the postage of course). To complete the cards you will need adhesive and scissors or a paper trimmer.

Right all that said I'd better pop on the first kits, calls for a new post.

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