Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Another Craft Day - phew

The day after Craft Day is always a slow one - my brain never seems to wake up! I even had to stop on the way home for a power nap at the motorway services - first time I've ever had to do that, must be a sign of a busy day.

It was a great day. Lots of crafters, lots of stuff that I wanted to buy! Always the same, I have a list as long as my arm of "stuff". I was a good girl though, and just came home with lots of photo's of crafters for an auction I am going to do for the Princes Trust. Along with the photo's I have a special card for the winner, signed by quite a few of us crafty folk, so hopefully I should raise a few quid. I have started working on my kits - need to get my finger out as I only have a month! Gulp. Keep having a look at my blog for further details.

I had a great time up North at Dawn's new workshops. Can I thank all the ladies who came to my workshops - especially Joanne for the book to help me learn how to draw (it will definitely come in handy), and the lovely bulbs for my little garden. And to Val for baking a cake big enough to share with the whole group for both days!! Fantastic. Also thank you to "our Brenda", just for being there. It was great. I'll admit I was a little nervous, it's been the first one I have done for approx 2 years - gosh 2 years!! I loved it though, and I'm definitely feeling more confident to get my finger out and do more.

I'll share with you a few photo's from the weekend, sorry to the ladies who came on Saturday, I forgot to get my camera out so didn't get the "in action" shots that I was after.



Joy said...

Hey Leonie, hope you've recovered now! I had to miss the last couple of hours of Craft Day as I was taking the kids up to London for the day yesterday, traipsing around the Natural History Museum; up early again this morning and Boy! Am I flaked!! Craft Day was brilliant, as always, can't wait for my TSV to arrive :-)
Take care
Joy x

Anonymous said...

Leonie, loved the workshop on Saturday. Could you let us know what sort of acetate you used for the ATCs please? Mine seems to be too thin. Thanks. MaggieB
PS Don't forget the sprizzing

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Joy and Maggie,

Fully recovered from Craft Day, it was good, but Natural History Museaum is fab as well! How's the TSV? I didn't even get to see it properly - tut!

Maggie, I just used acetate I had hanging round (no help is it!). It is slightly thicker than some, so it will hold its own as a card. I'm sure mine was from Topaz originally, one of the one's Kanban produce. Keep your eyes peeled for plastic on boxes and packaging - you never know may be a chance to recycle!