Monday, 6 October 2008


Cor, it's definitely the end of warm days isn't it - and to prove it we went camping. Yep, beginning of October and we pack up and head to a Forrest to live rough for a couple of days - ????

Actually the first night was really, mighty painful. I woke up with head freeze, and decided I wasn't tough, I was a girly girl and was going home........then I spotted my unopened bottle of mulled wine - mmmmmmm wine warmed on an open fire.

That was me, I stuck it out the Saturday night as well, and had a lovely time. Nicky and I went with Kathryn and Andrew, and stayed in Kathryn's dad's Forrest. How wonderful, it has deer and a bird hide where we sat and pondered whilst watching beautiful birds and a cheeky squirrel. We had a constant roaring fire, food, good company and plenty of trees.

It was a lovely weekend, and spooky enough, I managed to sleep for 10 hours on Saturday night (maybe that was the mulled wine - didn't even notice my air bed deflating).

Kathryn and me - wrapped up and looking good!

Kathryn and Andrew

The Fire Maker

Warming our bums

A chilly morning!


Anonymous said...

Well it looks like you all had fun Leonie!!!
love the bum warming shot!!!Like how youve got the bottle stashed in your ickle `chair pocket`
Yaah way to go girl...:)~X~

Joanne said...

You are brave, I won't even open my front door when it's cold!!! Glad to see you got a good a sleep. Well needed after the very busy time you have had lately.
Luv xxx

Clare said...

looking good Leonie! You've got more guts than me girl, camping out in the wild like that! Still haven't come down from cloud 9 since craft day. Someone even recognised moi in the street!! ha ha ha. Lovely to see you, shame we couldn't spend more time chatting, see you soon? love, Clare x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Good grief!! That borders on the insane!!lol Mind you, I've spotted more than 'one' bottle of wine in those pictures! I'm sure that must have helped! ^.^
Looks as if you all had a good time though x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie! You deserve a medal for camping in October! I love camping, but definitely only in the summer months! Great photos, looks like you had fun!
love Alison xx

Leonie pujol said...

haha, it does look like our bums are on fire doesn't it! Trust me they weren't, quite the opposite! The first night I would have needed a very large bottle of brandy then whisky to knock me out!! The second night it was just the one bottle - honest guvner.